1990's Promo Pics Pt III: A Tribe Called Quest, O.C., The Beatnuts, Masta Ace Inc., Milkbone, Sha-Key, Sham & The Professor +

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A Tribe Called Quest JIve/Zomba 1994 photo by TAR

The above A Tribe Called Quest press photo by TAR and sent out by the publicity department at Jive Records/Zomba in 1994: the year following the release of their landmark 1993 hip-hop album Midnight Marauders, (avail LP/vinyl) and a couple of years before 1996's Beats, Rhymes and Life (avail LP/vinyl) by the legendary crew featuring Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and the late great Phife Dawg who tragically passed back in March of this year.  Other artists included in this third of a five-part Amoeblog series of 1990's Promo Pics include The Beatnuts, O.C.Masta Ace Incorporated, MC Madness, Milkbone, Sha-Key, DJ Smurf and P.M.H.I., and Sham & the Professor.  Like 1990's Promo Pics Part 2 and 1990's Promo Pics Part 1, that included such artists as Tha Alkaholiks, Big Daddy Kane,  Beastie Boys, DJ QUIK, and Black Sheep this installment is from the mid nineties (1993 - 1995) and is a tribute to artists as well as the photographers and record labels responsible for sending them out at the time.

Most of the press pics included photographer credits, repeated here and including the prolific Danny Clinch who did photo shoots with Miilkbone for Get it Off Records (via Capitiol), Sha-Key for Imago (distributed via Chrysalis/EMI), and for The Beatnuts. The Native Tongues, Latin crew (since a duo but then a trio with Kool Fashion, aka Al' Tariq joining Juju and Psycho Les), photo was for their 1994 debut  The Beatnuts: Street Level  level for Violator Records and distributed via Relativity Records.

Some of the artists' labels sent out a second publicity photo including Delicious Vinyl (via Capitol Records) who in 1995 sent out two press shots along with the Master Ace Incorporated album Sittin' on Chrome. Both taken by Irish born, longtime LA based photo-journalist B+ (Brian Cross), one is a solo close up of the post Cold Chillin era Masta Ace while the other photo is of Masta Ace and the full Incorporated crew including Lord Digga, Leschea, and Paula Perry.  All of the publicity / promo pics are 8" by 10" black and white photos with the exception of the color, postcard size, two-side shot of  Sham & The Professor. Sent out in late 1994 by NYC based Freeze Records, who were distributed via LA based Priority Records, the image of the group was sent out to media along with accompanying bio of the Coney Island duo plus the lead single ("The Light's Gone Out (in my backyard)") off their upcoming Todd Terry produced 1995 album Split Personalities. Two of the artists included here made bass music: MC Madness from Miami whose cassette/LP release  Drop The Bass (Death Of A Basshead) album on Black Eye Records via Ichiban dropped in 1994 with accompanying press photo by Darcey Amos. The other bass artist was Atlanta based DJ Smurf and P.M.H.I. whose 1995 Versastyles album on Wrap Records (via Ichiban) accompanying press photo was by David Hill.

The Beatnuts Street Level  (Violator/Relativity) 1994 photo by Danny Clinch

Masta Ace Incorporated Sittin' on Chrome (Delicious Vinyl/Capitol) 1995 photo #1 by B+ (Brian Cross)

O.C. Word...Life Wild Pitch / EMI 1994

MC Madness  Drop The Bass (Death Of A Basshead) (Black Eye/Ichiban) 1994 photo by Darcey Amos

Da Miilkcrate (Get It Off/Capitol) 1995 photo by Danny Clinch

Masta Ace Incorporated Sittin' on Chrome (Delicious Vinyl/Capitol) 1995 photo #2 by B+ (Brian Cross)

DJ Smurf and P.M.H.I. Versastyles (Wrap Records/Ichiban) 1995 photo by David Hill

Sha-Key A Headnoddas Journey To Adidi Skizm (Imago/Chrysalis) 1994 photo #2  by Danny Clinch

Sham & the Professor
1994 Split Personalities (Freeze/Priority)

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