1990's Promo Pics Pt II: Gravediggaz (RZA, Prince Paul, Poetic, Fruitkwan), Alkaholiks, Goats, Ill Al Skratch, Big Daddy Kane, AWOL +

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"The mouths and minds that you loved in Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, Stetsaonic, and Too Poetic are here," read part of the 1994 press release (excerpt below) introducing, although they were out for few years already, the rap supergroup the Gravediggaz. The press release, sent out by Gee Street, part of Island Records.for the album 6 Feet Deep was accompanied by a couple of publicity photos by David Corio of the "horrorcore" group comprised of Prince Paul,  RZA, (aka Prince Rakeem), Poetic, and Fruitkwan. Both pics are included in this second part in the new Amoeblog series of paying tribute to artists, photographers, and labels involved in  hip-hop publicity / promo photos back in the 1990's. These are mostly all black and white photos from the mid nineties that accompanied  bio/press releases sent out at the time by record labels to print media, radio and television outlets. Part one included the Beastie Boys Gank Move, DJ QUIK  Above The Law,  King Tee, Black Czer,Kwame, Black Sheep and Jemini The Gifted One. This second part is from the years of 93, 94 and 95 and via such record labels as Relativity, Gee Street/Island, Loud/RCA, One-Way/BEG/Ichiban, Mercury/Polygram, MCA, Profile Records, and Ruffhouse / Columbia.  Daniel Hastings, who was also credited in part one, is among the photographers responsible for the pics here in part two.

In addition to the Gravediggaz, artists included below are Tha Alkaholiks, The Goats, Ill Al Skratch, Big Daddy Kane, , Boogie,  Ed Lover & Doctor Dre, and AWOL. AWOL was Detroit rap crew Afrocentric WIcked Old-school Lyricists. The press pic was sent out by Bryant Entertainment Group (BEG) in Atlanta, GA back in September 1994. In a thick gray manila folder it included CD copy of the trio's album, along bio, press release, photo, folded big poster of the group, and sticker (right). 
Tha Alkaholiks
press photo was for the second album by supertalented LA group.  Hailing from Philly was The Goats whose press pic by Michael Lavine was for the alt-rap group's 1994 album No Goats, No Glory. Ill Al Skratch was Big ILL the Mack and Al Skratch for their first of two albums released in 90's. Big Daddy Kane, already well into the second phase of a long career, released  the album Daddy's Home, featuring the lead single "In The PJs' on MCA in 1994 with press photo taken by George DuBose.  Boston crew Joint Ventures released their only album Itz Da Joint in 1993 on Profile Records. Boogie was a rapper from south side of Nashville who released the album Under Da Influenz on October 11, 1994 via Relativity. Finally Ed Lover & Doctor Dre (not Dr. Dre), whose careers really took off when they began hosting YO! MTV Raps in February 1989, released the star studded album Back Up Off Me on Relativity in 1994. As well as their press photo, also below is a color 8" by 10" comic book image of the duo sent out in package presented by Headline Communications. Unless not included in original data the photographer responsible for press pics below is credited along with record label name, year, and album or project being promoted.

Gravediggaz. 1994 6 Feet Deep Gee Street, photo by David Corio

  Tha Alkaholiks  Loud/RCA 1995 Coast II Coast

AWOL Detroit 4 Life One Way Productions B.E.G. Ichiban 1994

Big Daddy Kane Daddy's Home MCA 1994 photo by George DuBose

Ill Al Skratch Creep Wit' Me Mercury/Polygram 1994

The Goats No Goats, No Glory Ruffhouse/Columbia 1994 photo by Michael Lavine

Joint Ventures Itz Da Joint Profile 1993 

Boogie Under Da Influenz Relativity 1994  photo by Daniel Hasting/Cartel

Ed Lover & Doctor Dre Back Up Off Me Relativity 1994 photo by TAR

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