Happy Birthday Nomi Malone: Our fave fictional Showgirl turns 43!

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It's no secret that here at Amoeba we love, love, love us some Showgirls! I'm talking about Paul Verhoeven's inimitable 1995 stripper dance flick starring Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, and Gina Gershon. I mean, what's not to love? It's a marvelously shot Sin City fable penned by Joe Eszterhas (the mind behind Flashdance and Basic Instinct) about a transient whore dancer with killer nail art skills, a tendency to flail wildly when it comes to food or sex, and a dream of making it big in showbiz. As the story goes, they could have brought anyone aboard this shamelessly camp-tacular cheesewagon: Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul... Nomi Malone is what Las Vegas is all about, and she is the reason I try to celebrate her "uhhh, seven, three...seventy-three" birthday every year with a never "too old for that whorey look" home screening party. This doesn't dissuade me from attending local annual viewing events of course; San Francisco has a rich history of homage when it comes to showing Showgirls.

peaches christ midnight mass showgirls poster flyer nomi malone peaches christ midnight mass showgirls poster flyer nomi malone peaches christ midnight mass showgirls poster flyer nomi malone peaches christ midnight mass showgirls poster flyer nomi malone

This tradition of reveling in the ritual of annual Showgirls screening started many moons ago thanks to the programming prowess of Peaches Christ—San Francisco's own mistress of movie madness—whose curated Midnight Mass film series featured Showgirls screenings year after year, usually in Summertime. I was hooked at once and I wish I could say I went to every show, but it seemed with each passing season the popularity of the Midnight Mass Showgirls extravaganza erupted like the titular Goddess from the Volcano, growing more riotous, elaborate, and difficult to get tickets for, perhaps owing to levels upon levels of ever-growing cult appeal and the irresistible promise of a FREE lap-dance with the purchase of every large popcorn. This lead to my making a thing of viewing the film with friends whenever making Peaches' party wasn't in the cards, fixing the day by the date of birth Nomi gives in the scene where she's finalizing her gig with Stardust HR.

This year Ms. Christ is flipping the script by starring in the West Coast premiere of the off-Broadway stage parody Showgirls - The Musical! But that's another (forthcoming) Amoeblog post, to be sure, but I'm gearing up for another Nomi Birthday gathering by ticking of tasks on the party prep list. Want to get down with your own Showgirls shindig? Here are some suggestions: 

First, get your nails done up proper fierce, like you're channeling your baddest bitch.
showgirls nomi malone nail art

Do be sure that your nails are good and dry.
nomi malone showgirls dance nails choreography hands jazz goddess

Be sure to let show them off as much as possible.
showgirls nomi malone nail art

Next, it's time to paint those lips...
showgrils nomi malone maekup lipstick

...and line that lid.
nomi malone makeup showgirls

Do mind the orange.
nomi malone showgirls

If you want to go the extra mile for that fresh party pretty feeling, by all means do what you gotta do.
showgirls shaving cristal connors

As far as refreshments go, if you don't have any Cristal on hand, get creative and mix up some party cocktails on theme with Showgirls inspired names. My favorites include: Caesar Sling, Sex in the Pool, Pollyanna, Sweaty Nightie, Smiling Snatch, Monkey Shit Stage Left...the vulgarities are endless! Don't forget the ice.
showgirls last minute ice nomi malone

If you do find yourself on the receiving end of a Cristal "Holy Water" baptism...
showgirls holy water nomi malone cristal connors

  ...embrace the opportunity to express yourself.
nomi malone showgirls i hate you

When it comes to the menu, go wild! Throw together a "doggy chow" chili and see if anyone eats it. If that doesn't go over, rest assured that no one'll be mad at a family size bag or two of potato chips comparable to national brands. A platter spread of burgers, fries, and soda, with and a hot mess of spicy cheese dip on the side is also appropriate. If anyone finds themselves in a brown rice and vegetables frame of mind, be sure to remind them where all this frivolity is coming from:
showgirls nomi malone eating burger fries soda different places

Party favors! Everybody loves party favors. Treat your guests to complimentary collectibles to commemorate the occasion, like trading cards. Is there any cult movie since 1995 more worthy of trading cards than Showgirls? I think not. Plus the medium is perfect for combining Nomi's strengths and wisdom for the greater good of midnight moviedom. Here's a pseudo prototype I threw together:
nomi malone showgirls trading card dancing ain't fucking right

Other potential Nomi party favors include: body gems, body glitter, hair gems, hair glitter, dollar store eyelashes, candy jewel ring pops in assorted colors, and, of course, switchblades:
showgirls nomi malone knife

Music-wise it's best to follow the Showgirls soundtrack's lead and bump plenty of Prince, Earthling era David Bowie, and any other Siouxsie Sioux songs that made it onto other films' soundtracks. All is just about sorted so slip into your vintage Versayce, sheer silver zebra, or stupid "Shit Happens" t-shirt and chill...
nomi malone showgirls versayce

...until your guests arrive.
nomi malone chimpanzee showgirls goddess

At this point everything should be ready for you and yours to light up the party right! Fire up the blu-ray and delight in remembering once again how much you love this unadulterated cinematic pleasuredome that remains by far the highest grossing NC-17 rated film to date, a film that Verhoeven claims is "perfect" and "the most elegant film I have ever done." A film that makes you feel like:
nomi malone showgirls happy

That said, it is a comfort to know that Elizabeth Berkley has made her peace with Nomi and has lately cast aside her Showgirls albatross, eschewing taboo and painful memories in favor of empowering full disclosure and love, sweet love. If you haven't seen her "magical full-circle moment" speech, delivered in Los Angeles last year after Cinespia's Hollywood Forever Cemetery outdoor movie screening of Showgirls, and on the same day as the United States Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage as legal nationwide (what a day!), please check out the video below, it's guaranteed to give you life. Happy birthday Nomi!

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