New "What's in My Bag?" Episode with Monsieur Perine

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When Monsieur Perine go record shopping they don't just stick to one or two sections, they tear through the whole store. So when the Colombian trio came to Amoeba Hollywood recently they ended up with a huge and eclectic mix of music, which included everything from African percussive folk music, big band jazz, and Fleetwood Mac.

Monsieur Perine meld Django Reinhardt-style swing, Latin-American music, and jazz to create what they call "swing Colombian style." They took home the Latin GRAMMY for Best New Artist in 2015. The band consists of Catalina Garcia (vocals), Nicolas Junca (guitar), and Santiago Prieto (guitar, violin, charango).

The Bogota-based band's debut album, Hecho a Mano, was certified gold in their home country when it was released in 2012, with the award-winning Caja de Musica following three years later. Produced by Calle 13's Eduardo Cabra (aka Visitante), the LP features guest appearances from Mexican alt-rockers Cafe Tacuba and Dominican singer-songwriter Vicente Garcia. This summer, Monsieur Perine are playing select dates in Europe and North America. Catch them August 5 in Oakland at The New Parish, and August 7 in Los Angeles at The Echoplex.

Garcia starts off by picking up a couple of Edith Piaf records, including a live performance with her husband, Theo Sarapo. After showing off a rare Django Reinhardt record, Prieto picks up Congotronics by the Congo based Konono No. 1, who play electronic sounding music with kalimbas, a type of thumb piano. Prieto calls the sound "strange, and nice." Junca picks up some Jimi Hendrix LPs, including the recent compilation of unreleased material People, Hell and Angels. Another interesting find for Prieto is a collection of his favorite English speaking songwriter, Cole Porter. While usually just known for writing numerous classic tunes, this collection features Porter, himself, singing his work. And speaking of classic American songwriting, Garcia picks up an LP of Ella Fitzgerald singing the songbook of Rogers and Hart. Junca also found a Gilberto Gil compilation that features a personal favorite of his, "Expresso 2222."

But what was Garcia's favorite album of 2015? And just what do Monsieur Perine have in common with Fleetwood Mac? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Monsieur Perine - What's In My Bag?
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