Album Picks: Nothing, Twin Peaks, Eagulls

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NothingTired of Tomorrow

Philly hardcore dudes Nothing dive deep into the shoegaze pool on their latest. Tired of Tomorrow hits hard, with cymbals crashing into textured walls of guitar on opener “Fever Queen.” Their grounding in hardcore gives added oomph to dreamy power-pop tunes like “Vertigo Flowers.” Songs like “A.C.D.” and “Curse of the Sun” recall the best of heavy ’90s alt-rock (pre nu-metal), reminiscent of bands like Helmet and Smashing Pumpkins. Nothing are very indebted in particular to Slowdive and Chapterhouse, but they’re in on the joke — one song is even called “Nineteen Ninety Heaven.” And with touches of violin and piano on ballads like “Everyone Is Happy,” or the Morricone riff and desert sway of “The Dead Are Dumb,” Nothing’s second album is varied and balanced. While some bands remain allergic to distortion since the ’90s, Tired of Tomorrow is a big, fuzzy embrace of distorted anthems.


Twin PeaksDown in Heaven

Chicago’s Twin Peaks make classically minded but wonderfully ramshackle garage rock with real bite. Down in Heaven is warmer more country-fried than their previous efforts, with big nods to the Rolling Stones and a glam sneer on tracks like the King Tuff-ish “Butterfly.” Yet they show surprising sensitivity and engage in proficient guitar interplay on more chilled out songs like “You Don’t.” But overall, the feel is of a drunken singalong. Down in Heaven is like big stew of comfort food for rock ‘n’ roll fans.



Eagulls dial down the distortion a bit on their sophomore album so that George Mitchell’s emotive vocals come through clearly, like a young Robert Smith fronting Going Blank Again-era Ride. The increased production value serves Eagulls well, as chiming guitars and Mitchell’s collar-grabbing vocals come through like a clarion call.

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