The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Reissues Out June 10

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Beach Boys Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Reissue

Wouldn't it be nice to hear Pet Sounds for the first time again? Well, next month you can experience the next best thing. In commemoration of the monumental album's 50th anniversary The Beach Boys and Capitol Records are re-releasing it in four different editions, some of which include studio outtakes, alternate mixes, and unreleased live versions. What's more Brian Wilson is now on a world tour playing the album in its entirety. Catch him in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl, Jul 10 and in San Francisco at The Masonic, Oct 12-13.

When Pet Sounds was released May 16, 1966 its reception was mixed. The 11th album for the already popular group garnered little critical and commercial success in the States, while in England it was hailed by the music press and hit the number 2 spot on the Top 40 charts. One Mr. Paul McCartney was so impressed with it the album became the main influence on his band's next record, a little thing called Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beach Boys Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Amoeba MusicWhile it may be a little hard to imagine today, the radical arrangements, un-rock-like orchestrations, and wildly inventive production coupled with subject matter that was less cheery and more introspective than your average pop album of the day, was a lot to take in for some who were just looking for the next fun surf track to dance to down at the beach shack. However Pet Sounds paved the way for the idea that a rock album could be more than a mere collection of singles, but a cohesive piece of art. Brian Wilson's production on the album would open up creative possibilities we take for granted now, would influence all kinds of musical genres, and would bring the concept of production into the mainstream consciousness as an essential part of an album.

By now the initial poor reception of the album has been more than made up for and Pet Sounds is considered by many to be one of the best and most influential albums ever. Tracks like "God Only Knows," "Caroline, No," and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" are now hallowed classics, while songs like "You Still Believe In Me", "I Know There's an Answer," and "Here Today" particularly exhibit its creative influence on the production process.

Four versions of Pet Sounds will be available June 10, and all are available for pre-order now at A 4-CD/1-Blu-Ray Audio Collector's Edition includes remastered stereo and mono mixes, hi-res instrumental mix, session outtakes, alternate mixes, previously unreleased live recordings, hi-res stereo and mono mixes, 5.1 surround mixes, all collected in a hardbound book. The 2-CD Deluxe Edition includes remastered stereo and mono mixes, selected unreleased, alternate and instrumental tracks. There are two vinyl editions: a Mono 180-Gram Vinyl LP featuring the remastered mono mix on heavy-weight vinyl and a Stereo 180-Gram Vinyl LP of the remastered stereo mix, also on heavy-weight vinyl.

We're all waiting for the day...

Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Reissue

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