Album Picks: Lush, Andy Stott, Guided By Voices, Greys

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Lush - Blind Spot

Blind Spot, the new EP from reunited shoegazers Lush, cherry picks the best sounds of the band’s three studio albums without feeling like too much of a rehash, leaning toward the sound of their earlier, stronger material. On mid-tempo opener “Out of Control,” singer/guitarist Miki Berenyi’s voice still pairs uncannily with fellow singer/guitarist Emma Anderson. Jangly guitars casually spiral over the ebbing pulse provided by bassist Justin King and former Elastica drummer Justin Welch. Read more here.


Andy Stott - Too Many Voices

Andy Stott’s latest builds on his grayscale dub soundscapes with more movement and pulse, the result being songs that are full-bodied and often unpredictable, with synth-funk touches and disembodied soul vocals. Full of woozy sexuality and luxurious dread. Read more here.


Guided By Voices - Please Be Honest

Guided By Voices begins its second reunion act in the vein of the band’s best albums. “My Zodiac Companion” starts out seeming like it falls on the shakier half of Pollard’s four-track recordings, but the song’s rousing vocals sees Pollard shake off the song’s previously aimless feel and pull off an anthemic upset — classic GBV. Read more here.


Greys Outer Heaven

Toronto’s Greys share a namesake with the most nefarious of supposed aliens humanity has encountered. Makes sense when you hear the steamrolling blast of sound emanating from Outer Heaven, pairing post-hardcore guitar shreds with a wicked sneer. Perfect for fans of METZ, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Iceage and other malcontents.

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