Pioneering Bay Area Turntablist DJ Quest Releases Experimental Album "Queztocoatl" feat. free Amoeba Download Track

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Pioneering San Francisco turntable artist/producer and frequent Amoeba San Francisco contributor (group and solo sets plus curating The DJ Project), DJ Quest has just unleashed his newest full-
length Queztocoatl. The twelve track experimental album features the aptly titled "Grimmy Mutilation" that you can DL from the Amoeba Free Downloads page as well as see the accompanying music video below. 

During last weekend's record release party at Gallery 1317 in San Francisco, the father of two DJs was joined by his youngest turntablist offspring, five-year old DJ Lucas pictured above. [pic c/o Dawgisht]. His other, much older, DJ offspring is the talented 23 year DJ Trainn.  Last Saturday's release party was hosted by DJ 2Fresh, who did a showcase set, at his recently opened cool new North Beach gallery located at 1317 Grant Ave in San Francisco.

A follow up to such stellar solo DJ Quest releases as Cosmic Parasite and Questolous,  Queztocoatl is somewhat of a departure for the trailblazing turntable artist of three decades. For this release the Mission based DJ assumes the artist name of Questosahn feat. DJ Quest. This the veteran turntablist does to distinguish the more intricately produced and deeply layered project  from the turntable themed works that he's best known for. Less of a DJ/turntablist project,  Queztocoatl is more of a twisted funk collection of songs by the criminally underrated artist who is highly revered among his peers. Throughout  Queztocoatl DJ Quest equally showcases his production and composition skills. Synthesizers and old school drum machines are among the instruments he summons from his home studio collection of old analog gear to construct the, at times, darkly sinister sounding new album. Scratch fans should take note that Quest does include turntable
manipulations on the new album, selectively adding them into the dense Queztocoatl mix. 
DJ Quest is a founding member of San Francisco's groundbreaking Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travelerz crew who released the pioneering battle record Hamster Breaks back in the early 90's and are credited with the "hamster style" in turntablism. DJ Quest is also the architect of the long running jazz/hip-hop trio Livehuman along with Andrew Kushin (bass) and Albert Mathias (percussion). Livehuman's rich resume boasts several albums including 2000's Elefish Jellyphant on Matador Records, while venues they've performed at since forming two decades ago include the prestigious Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Additionally for the past decade, Livehuman's hometown NPR affiliate KALW FM have utilized the revered modern jazz ensemble's music as the theme to their afternoon news reports.


Questosahn feat. DJ Quest "Grimmy Mutilation" (find on Free Amoeba Downloads). The first in a series of accompanying music videos for Queztocoatl tracks, it's a Lab Insomnia production by Alfonzo
Thomas, Tony Thomas, &
 Melissa Braun

 Queztocoatl is an outgrowth of Livehuman for Quest who applies a similar production approach to that 
experimental jazz group on this release.  Not surprisingly then both Albert Mathias and Andrew Kushin lend their talents to select tracks on Quest's new solo outing.  The album, which Quest suggests playing loudly, transcends any one musical flavor with diverse sounding tracks that range from the dirty beat-drenched, gritty funk of the Free Amoeba Download track "Grimmy Mutilation," to the reggae-tinged uptempo head-nodding "Danza Dub Style" and the high energy electronic, head-banging, scratched-laced frantic beats of "The Epic Of Gilgamesh."

Queztocoatl was composed, mixed and arranged by Questosahn with scratching by DJ Quest. The album was mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering with artwork courtesy of Raul Reyes. A digital only release for now, DJ Quest, promises that there will be a special 45 seven inch single featuring his favorite album tracks that he said he plans to release via Amoeba exclusively in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile below are a couple of DJ Quest videos: one of him tearing up the turntables at Thud Rumble, and the other an interview from a previous Amoeblog feature on the artist. Recorded for the Amoeblog at Quest's home studio three years ago it includes, along with some wonderful insights, Quest doing a short routine and showing his (then 2 year old) son Lucas's DJ set up.

DJ Quest live at Thud Rumble

DJ Quest 2013 Amoeblog interview

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