"Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Trumped?" GOP Front Runner's Shocker That Presidential Run Was "Huge Prank For New Reality Show"

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"I will officially be dropping out of the presidential race on Tuesday. The whole thing was a huge prank for my new reality TV show Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Trumped which will air this summer. It'll be huge, bigger than any other TV show ever," said Donald "Punk" Trump today in an Amoeblog exclusive (read full interview below). The GOP front runner admitted that his entire faux campaign from day one was merely a ruse for his producers to gather footage for this new reality show ("Most of the footage we didn't even have to shoot. The media did it for us for free! We must have 10,000 hours already from cable news alone!").

The admittance was made by Trump, who insisted "Punk" be added to his name while sporting a mohawk and citing both Ashton Kutcher's reality show punk'd and punk rocker Johnny Rotten as inspiration. Trump said his new show title is based on the Sex Pistols breakup announcement in San Francisco in January 1978 when Johnny Rotten famously, before dramatically dropping the mic, howled at the crowd. "Ah hah hah. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Good night!" (video below) In his Amoeblog interview Trump also claims hat he was behind that famous moment in rock and roll history. 

Amoeblog: Thanks for doing this interview Mr. Trump. So are you dropping out of the presidential race?

Donald "Punk" Trump: Yes, I will officially be making the announcement of dropping out of the race on Tuesday at noon in a press conference from Trump Tower. The whole thing was a huge prank to get footage for my new reality TV show Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Trumped which will air this summer. It will be the first reality show to broadcast in 100 major markets all over the world simultaneously. It'll be huge, bigger than any other TV show ever in the history of television! And it will have the greatest season finale of any show ever. You wait and see!

Amoeblog: So you were not serious then all along about running for president?

Donald "Punk" Trump: No of course not. Did you not hear what I just said? I never wanted to be president. Yes, I would like the title and to be leader of the free world. But not the job. I never did. Why would I? I'm better than that. I don't need that bad paying job. I make more in a day than they do in a year. I make billions as a businessman and TV producer. The plan was to get footage for Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Trumped and to push buttons along with the way, not just the public but mainly with the media and these stupid politicians. Frankly I didn't think it could last this long. Originally we were going to make this announcement back in early December.  And then we postponed it to early February when I was going to announce it right before the SuperBowl. But for some reason my approval ratings kept going up and up no matter how insulting or hideous I tried to sound. I tried to insult everyone as much as I could. It's like I've been saying all along. America as a country is a loser that will fall for anything, and I'm a winner, and that media control is the ultimate power!

Amoeblog: But what about your diehard supporters who've stood by you all along under the belief you were sincere in what you said?

Donald "Punk" Trump:
I was sincere, well mostly. I'm a businessman first. I make deals. And this was all part of the deal for my new TV show. But let me be clear, I meant exactly what I said about the politicians and how the PC have taken over this country. My fans, my supporters know this too. They love me. And I love them. I love the undereducated! The Trump supporters want America to be great again and they appreciate that I am a straight shooter and they will continue to support me. Nothing's changed really. In fact they will be the biggest supporters of my new reality show. Look I already am up to eight million Twitter followers  and that number will only snowball from here on. They are still my followers and I am their leader. And I will continue to sell "Make America Great Again" baseball hats.  It is still "the movement" to "take our country back" only with a slight shift in my role as their leader. My message won't falter at all. Only difference is that I will have more power and freedom this way. Media and money is power, not being a politician! Trust me. I know.

Amoeblog: So when you said all those negative things about Hillary Clinton, who you have financially supported and who along with Bill Clinton were special invited guests at your wedding to Melania, was that all a big joke?

Donald "Punk" Trump: No comment at this time. But I will tell you that this very topic will be among the key story arcs of  the new show and will be fully explained in the sixth or seventh episode. You'll see.

Amoeblog: Okay. So what about your punk rock mohawk hairstyle. So you are into punk?

Donald "Punk" Trump: Yes.  I have known all about punk rock, more than anyone I would say, since I went to that toilet of a club CBGBs in the 70's.  The Ramones loved me. I warned them to lay off the hard drugs. The same with Sid Vicious. Basically a good kid. Bad musician but what a great persona!  I am the one who convinced him to do "My Way." It was perfect for him. He didn't even know who Frank Sinatra was!  I've known all the punks. I met the guys in Fear backstage at SNL. Lorne Michaels is a good friend of mine. I love the punks and they love me, always have. And I have had this mohawk for a long time even though no one has ever seen it. Again I can't believe that no one realized that I've always had this mohawk. The media are stupid. It's so obvious. Why do you think all that extra hair of mine falls over to the side when not gelled? It was a mohawk you idiots! And it is my hair, always has been. I have the best healthiest head of hair ever. Ask my doctor!

Amoeblog: So the "punk" thing has to do with Ashton Kutcher's show punk'd as well as Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols, right?

Donald "Punk" Trump: Well yes to a degree. But it is all my idea. I am a genius at everything including media manipulation. I always have been. Look, Johnny Lydon or Johnny Rotten as he was known is a good friend of mine. So was Malcolm McLaren. He was a good guy and got a lot of his ideas from me. That was my idea for Johnny Rotten to tell his fans that they were cheated and say exactly what he said. I was there. I was backstage at Winterland during the Sex Pistols final show in San Francisco. And I will tell you now that Johnny Rotten will be a part of the first season of the new TV show. So will Ashton Kutcher.  But I can't say anymore on that right now.

Amoeblog: So what can you say about Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Trumped?

Donald "Punk" Trump: What I can say is that it will be huge, unlike anything anyone's ever seen. It will be the biggest show in the history of television. The profits we'll generate from merchandise alone, forget just licensing the actual show to a hundred different markets globally, will be ridiculous. I mean billions of dollars every week. It will be tied into social media on a global scale and will generate per point profit based on its ratings. I don't even know what TV stations, including in the US, I will broadcast on. I am waiting for the best offers with the best profit margins.  One thing I can tell you is that the season one finale, and yes this show will air indefinitely for many seasons,  will be unlike anything ever seen ever. It will involve someone with a gun on Fifth Avenue.

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