10 Vinyl LP Reissues to Look For in Early 2016

Posted by Billy Gil, January 15, 2016 04:10pm | Post a Comment

It’s not just new albums that we’re excited about. Check out this list of reissues we’re looking forward to spinning in the new year.

Black SabbathBlack Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality
Out Jan. 22

Does all this cold, wet weather makes you want to listen to classic proto-metal on vinyl? Well, you’re in luck. Black Sabbath’s classic first three albums are coming to us on deluxe edition 180-gram two-LP sets. (Seriously, turn the volume all the way up for the full effect of this video.)


Talk TalkLaughing Stock
Out Jan. 22

Talk Talk’s 1988 album, Spirit of Eden, and its successor, Laughing Stock, virtually created their own genre. It’s a hushed expanse of jazz grooves, arty guitar tangles and Mark Hollis’ inimitable, shivery croon. Anyone who only knows the hits (e.g. “It’s My Life,” “Talk “Talk”) should pick it up and hear the other side.


This Heat This Heat, Deceit, Health & Efficiency
Out Jan. 22

The entirety of This Heat’s all-to-brief studio output is being reissued on vinyl. The experimental British band were doing things so far ahead of their time, they wouldn’t be properly calibrated until the emergence of noise-pop acts like Wolf Eyes, Viet Cong and Animal Collective decades later. Deceit is probably the most accessible of the bunch, but they’re all essential listens for fans of post-punk music and the indie rock that would follow.


Francoise HardyMon Amie La Rose and La Premier Bonheur du Jour
Out Jan. 29

Unspeakably cool French singer/actress Francoise Hardy is having two of her best albums re-released on vinyl. Hardy came into prominence during in the ’60s on the strength of the Yé-yé style of music popular in France and abroad. She became an icon of both music and fashion and still inspires hipster style today; her 1962 debut album appears in the 2012 Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom, for instance. Both self-titled albums have been colloquially given the names of their best known songs; the former album includes the song “Dans le monde entire,” whose English version, “All Over the World,” became her biggest international hit, while the latter album’s title track was covered by Tropicalia legends Os Mutantes on their debut album. Pick both up and drink in the cool French sadness of Hardy’s voice.

High Fidelity [OST]
Out Jan. 29

The soundtrack to the adaptation of Nick Hornsby’s novel is a great rock ‘n’ roll primer, with tracks from 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, Love, Bob Dylan, Stereolab and, of course, The Beta Band’s “Dry the Rain” as used in this classic scene.


Sonic YouthGoo, Dirty and Washing Machine
Out Jan. 29

In the great alt-rock dust-up following Nirvana’s vault to fame, bands that influenced them found themselves snapped up by major labels. Noise-rock greats Sonic Youth began their tenure on Geffen with the 1990 album Goo, which saw slight pop concessions, albeit with a semi-ironic and still twisted mentality. It’s best known for a collaboration with Chuck D on the Kim Gordon-fronted single, “Kool Thing.” Their 1992 album Dirty followed suit, allowing for more tunefulness and tidy song lengths while still piling on the mangled noise on tunes like “100%.” After the (unfairly) maligned Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star came Washing Machine, a more experimental affair that nonetheless includes one of the band’s biggest rock-radio hits, “The Diamond Sea.”


GrimesGeidi Primes
Out Feb. 5

Now she’s all over the place with a critically acclaimed pop album for the ages, but back in 2011, Clare Boucher was making weirdo artpop that found her trying out ideas she would then fold in masterfully on albums like Art Angels and Visions. Yet Geidi Primes is transfixing in its own insular way and is definitely worth checking out for fans who can’t get enough Grimes.


The Pharcyde Bizarre Ride II
Out Feb. 5

Amoeba’s own Billyjam calls Bizarre Ride II “an all killer, no filler album … [that] doesn't age one bit over time. … It’s packed with soul, passion, and richly varied but cohesive beats and flows - from jazzy to old school to next generation.” Read his entire “Essential Records” essay here.

Amy Winehouse - Frank
Out Feb. 5

For those of us who picked up Back to Black and learned every word to it, listening to Amy Winehouse's first album is revelatory. It's a more low-key affair but presents the combination of soulfulness, toughness, sweetness and vulnerability that would become her trademark. The promising start to a career that ended much too soon.


David Bowie - Aladdin Sane, Bowie at the Beeb, David Bowie, Hunky Dory, Pinups, The Man Who Sold the World, and The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
Out Feb. 26

As we're all still grieving over David Bowie's death, the silver lining comes with the announcement that the six albums that were in the Five Years box set plus Bowie's BBC sessions are coming out on individual LPs. It doesn't make the news any easier, but it does give us something to cherish in his absence.

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