Lemmy Kilmeister's (Live Streamed) Memorial Service Reminder To Live Life To The Fullest

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Rest in Peace Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister 1945-2015

When the above video of Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister memorial service took place, fans worldwide of the beloved Motorhead front-man made a final toast to the ultimate rock and roller whose life was a constant reminder to fully embrace and live life to the fullest -- and fastest.  Guinness World Records ranked Motorhead the fastest and loudest band of all time. Live Fast, Die Old is the aptly titled documentary below on the rock icon who died December 28th at age 70 from an aggressive form of cancer. 

Part of the reason for today's funeral being streamed live is out of concern for crowd control. There's justified fear that too many Lemmy fans might plan to descend upon on the Hollywood cemetery today. So from earlier this week via social media bandmates have requested fans to not attend the funeral but tune in online instead. Fans were also invited to make a charitable donation under Lemmy’s name to Ronnie James Dio's Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

"Watch with fellow Motorheadbangers and friends. GO to your favorite bar, or your favorite club, make sure they have access to an internet connection and toast along with us. Or simply invite your pals around and celebrate Lemm’s life at home.”

One gathering today will be at Benders Bar in San Francisco where Motorhead has long been a jukebox staple. From 2pm fans will getting ready to toast the man. Even bigger gatherings are planned down in LA where Lemmy had called home for the past many years. In the area along the Sunset Strip near the Rainbow Bar and Grill (Lemmy's fave spot) there's going to be memorial celebration. While the Rainbow is closed to non-invited guests, both the Whisky and the Roxy are open to fans from 2pm. The funeral will go live at 3pm until 4:30pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern, 11pm Greenwich Mean Time). While SoCal has been receiving out of character El Nino-driven rain storms lately, this afternoon's forecast for Hollywood is cloudy with no rain and highs of about 57 degrees. Whether or not most LA area Lemmy fans will heed the word and avoid today's Forest Lawn funeral remains to be seen. But one thing that is guaranteed is that Lemmy's grave will visited by an endless parade of fans of the hard rock legend for a long time to come.

Below are four must-see Lemmy YouTube clips that include an interview with him from just four weeks before his passing in which, despite looking and sounding frail, he was truly a badass up to the end. Recorded right after Paris attacks, he was saying of terrorists "fuck those people" and reaffirming his love of rock music -- all the while smoking away, his aggressive cancer be damned. Also included is the excellent aforementioned Live Fast Die Old documentary on Lemmy from about 12 years ago that really gives you a great insight into the man and his spirit. He also addresses his vices - and how he controlled them. Other videos include the 1972 Top Of The Pops Hawkwind appearance doing their hard rocking chart topping hit "Silver Machine" featuring Lemmy on lead vocals and bass. Then there's a 2004 Motorhead performance of Lemmy and band belting out "Ace Of Spades" live from Germany. Decades after the song was first recorded, Lemmy is almost 60 and killing it, passionately screaming the lyrics of the well-known song, upward into his trademark raised mic. Rest in peace Lemmy. And thanks for always reminding us to live life fast and to the fullest!


Lemmy's Last Interview Nov 2015

Live Fast Die Old documentary, 2004

Hawkwind "Silver Machine" (1971 feat Lemmy on lead vocals & bass)

Motorhead "Ace of Spades (live in Germany 2004)"

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