10 Gift Ideas for Kids at Amoeba Hollywood

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Some people think of Amoeba stores as a giant playground for music and film lovers. And fittingly, we've got a ton of great stuff that would make a good gift for children, either at the holidays or all year round. Check out 10 of our picks below.

Books & Comic Books

Amoeba has a children's book section where you can get inexpensive books that are used but in great shape. We've also got a healthy comic book and graphic novel section for the superhero fan.

comic books


Some of our band T-shirts and Amoeba gear also comes in children's sizes, and we've even got adorable baby onesies!

Amoeba Baby Onesie


We have a ton of toys at Amoeba Hollywood, from football stars to X-men. And right now, we're highlighting our Star Wars toys at a pop-up shop at Amoeba Hollywood!

amoeba toys


Speaking of X-men and Star Wars, characters from those franchises and many others pop up in our Funko figurine section. These adorable figurines are so popular, they now have their own section at Amoeba Hollywood. Come check 'em out and find your child's favorite character, like the Minions, "Adventure Time" and many more.

funko toys


We've got plenty of kid-friendly posters, like characters from the Star Wars universe, movies like The Dark Crystal and this adorable poster "Little Girl on the Beach."

Little Girl on the Beach Poster

Family DVD/Blu-ray

We've got a big selection of family and kids' movies on both DVD and Blu-ray, from "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh" to the classics. Get 'em used for a great deal, like this Sleeping Beauty Platinum Edition Blu-ray.

sleeping beauty blu-ray used    Minions DVD   Inside Out

Kids Music Section

And we always carry plenty of children's music, both in-store and online, including this We Love Disney compilation of moderns artists like Gwen Stefani and Fall Out Boy covering Disney classics.

we love disney cd   Christmas with the Chipmunks   Frozen Soundtrack

Third Man Mini Record Player

Remember that cheesy first record player you had as a kid? Now you can give that budding music fan a record player that's just as good as its adult counterparts. Amoeba Hollywood has this adorable yellow portable record player featuring Manny, the Third Man mascot. It plays three speeds, comes in a leatherette case, has 2 built-in speakers and has a USB port for converting your vinyl to digital. Give your child the gift of music appreciation — or get one for yourself, 'cause they're pretty cute.

third man record player


We carry a couple of keyboards at Amoeba Hollywood that are perfect for the budding musician, like this kid-friendly Casio SA-76 with mini keys.

amoeba hollywood keyboards


We've also got these great collectible lunchboxes for everything from The Wizard of Oz to Adventure Time. Look for them throughout the store, and go ahead and get one for yourself—we won't tell!

lunchboxes amoeba

Got an older kid? Check out our gift ideas for teens & tweens.


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