They Sing Sea Songs Down by the Seashore -- Vegetarian Sea Shanties of a Sort

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Their Only Harvest by Colin Hunter (1879)

I wrote a guide to sea vegetables over at my blog. As a companion piece here at the Amoeblog, I thought I’d compile a guide to modern day sea shanties by vegetarian (or former vegetarian, in some cases) songwriters or bands with vegetarian members.

Seaweed Gatherers (1926) by Harold Harvey 

Belle & Sebastian - “Ease Your Feet in the Sea”

Blur - "This is a Low"

Bob Marley And The Wailers - “High Tide Or Low Tide”

The Church - “An Interlude”

Coldplay - “Oceans”

Crime & the City Solution - "The Dolphins & the Sharks”

Eden Ahbez - “Nature Boy”

George Harrison - “Pisces Fish”

Hà Okio - “Bi?n Xanh Và N?ng Vàng”

??? - "??"

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - “World of Denial”

John Coltrane - “How Deep is the Ocean?”

k.d. lang - “Love's Great Ocean”

Kate Bush - “A Coral Room”

Kevin Eubanks - “The Dancing Sea”

King Missile - “The Fish That Played The Ponies”

Kula Shaker - “Drop in the Sea”

Morrissey - “Seasick Yet Still Docked”

Natalie Merchant - “Diver Boy” 

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - “The Weeping Song”

???????? - “Ocean of Love”

Paul McCartney - “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”

Pearl Jam - “Oceans”

Peter Tosh - “Downpressor Man”

Philip Glass - “Winnie Goes to the Sea”

R.E.M. - "Nightswimming"

Reid Jamieson - “Take Me To The Sea”

Rita Lee - “Hulla-Hulla”

Robyn Hitchcock - “Autumn Sea”

The Style Council - “Its A Very Deep Sea”

Thompson Twins - “Storm on the Sea”

TLC - “I'm Good at Being Bad”

The Verve - “The Sun, The Sea”

Ama harvesting seaweed by Yoshiyuki Iwase 

Honorable Mention (i.e. no video found): Elvis Costello - “King of the Unknown Sea” and Percy Grainger

"Sea Song (Grettir the Strong)


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