Thousands of Louis Armstrong Exclusive Remastered Downloads Hit Amoeba's Vinyl Vaults

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louis armstrongAmoeba Music has painstakingly remastered thousands of tracks from jazz genius Louis Armstrong’s vast catalog, and you can now download them all at’s Vinyl Vaults!

Here is Louis as you’ve never heard him. More than 600 sides have been expertly remastered from pristine original 78s that sound amazing—plus thousands of hard-to-find and undiscovered songs remastered from out-of-print and obscure vinyl sources not found elsewhere digitally!

Check out our beautifully restored rare Louis versions of “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” “Just A Gigolo” and many others. We have also remastered dozens of live shows, including the previously legendary, previously unheard “Live at Kitsilano High School” show from Vancouver in 1952—plus hundreds of lost radio and TV performances for your listening pleasure.

Here’s an example of the remastering we’ve done for these Louis Armstrong tracks on the song “Static Strut” from the original Vocalion 78 released in 1926. Hear the song change from the original to the Amoeba-remastered version at the 20-second mark.

Watch this performance below of Louis Armstrong live in Copenhagen in 1934 for another example of our remastering. Audio restoration begins at the 51-second mark. Songs include “I Cover the Waterfront” and “Dinah.”

louis armstrong robert r crumb posterTo go with those new downloads, we’ve also got limited, original Louis Armstrong prints designed by renowned artist Robert (“R.”) Crumb. These hand-drawn collector pieces are an Amoeba exclusive and are available in full color ($100, 20" x 25 1/4") or black-and-white ($50, 20" x 25 1/4"). We also have a limited amount of numbered full color posters signed by R. Crumb himself for $600. Get them online or at any Amoeba store!

A bit more about that “Live at Kitsilano High School” Performance, as recounted in The Palomar Vancouver: In February of 1951, Armstrong played at Vancouver’s Palomar Supper Club and was approached at his hotel afterward by three students from Kitsilano High School. They were able to convince him to perform during their lunch hour, where students saw Satchmo play a 45-minute concert for free along with singer Thelma Middleton.

The show was a hit, and Armstrong came back to play the following year, bringing his band with him for the recorded “Live at Kitsilano High School” performance. More than 1,000 students from Kitsilano and neighboring schools showed up to watch as Armstrong’s band took turns playing with the school’s orchestra. The show was recorded by CKNW’s Jack Cullen, who played the recording on the radio in tribute when Armstrong died.



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