Ten Current Tracks That Prove 2015 Hip-Hop Is In A Very Healthy State (Audio + Video)

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You can't blame some hip-hop fans for complaining that there's no good new hip-hop being made anymore, provided they are not making a blanket statement about all new hip-hop but merely referring to the bulk of what's popular in new rap & hip-hop these days. You know, the stuff that you hear blasted everywhere and repeated ad-nauseam on commercial radio. But the truth is that, if you take a little time and research to seek it out, there is in fact more good hip-hop being released now than ever. A lot of this new music's production and rhyme delivery pays respect to hip-hop's deep rich past while still pushing the genre forward and sounding new.

Below I have assembled ten tracks from the past few months with accompanying videos (some audio only) of new hip-hop that proves the genre is alive and well.  Alongside new hip-hop artists are many longtime acts who are still making quality music - even if not to the same wide an audience as they once commanded. I heard a few old school hip-hop fans comment recently how they didn't realize that Public Enemy (PE) were still around until seeing the longtime revolutionary group's recent live set on Jimmy Kimmel Live. PE never went away and recently released their best album in years - Man Plans God Laughs - that they performed the title track from on JKL (video below) in a "Fight The Power" medley since the song references back to the original from 26 years ago. NorCal legendary duo Blackalicious returned after a decade's absence with a powerful, fan-funded new album Imani, Vol 1 (LP version). Currently on a UK tour, they've been winning accolades for both the album and their performances. The NorCal duo have attracted a whole new wave of fans in recent times due to Daniel Radcliffe who did a rendition of their 1999 ABC tongue-twisting song "Alphabet Aerobics" on The Tonight Show a year ago.

Included in the ten songs below are a few current examples of wonderful collaborations between emcees and producers who compliment each others' styles. These include the amazing Semi Hendrixwhich is Ras Kass teaming up with the underrated producer/instrumentalist/MC/singer Jack Splash for Breakfast At Banksy's (available on LP). That album comes care of Mello Music Group who released another dope collaboration. Kool Keith, who has worked with many gifted producers over the years since Ultramagentics including the Bay Area's Dan The Automator and Kutmasta Kurt, has teamed up with L'Orange (profiled on the Amoeblog last year) to craft the highly recommended Time? Astonishing! (also avail in LP). Fresno production talent Markis Precise has teamed up a whole array of various contemporary emcees including Sacramento rapper Chuuwee on his great new album The Feeling of Flying. Brooklyn NY's Grizzly Gato are another great act to seek out. They invited fellow NYC hip-hopper Homeboy Sandman to guest on their new track/video "Finding A New Balance On A Boogie Board." The rest of the videos below are audio only and include The Mood Doctors' bouncy hip-hop track "Hot," and P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros "Go Nuts (feat. Tanya Morgan & Substantial)," which is some great hip-hop that showcases both Ohio and New York. Substantial is also featured in a track with Algorythm care of HiPNOTT Records:  "Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna)." There is also the posse track (and most high profile artist lineup) from Kirk Knight entitled "Good Knight" with features from Joey BadA$$, Flatbush Zombies and Dizzy Wright.

Semi Hendrix (Ras Kass & Jack Splash) "Breakfast At Banksy's" (2015)

Public Enemy "Fight the Power Medley live on JKL)" includes "Man Plans God Laughs" (2015)

L'Orange & Kool Keith "The Wanderer" (2015)

The Mood Doctors "Hot" (2015)

Grizzly Gato "Finding A New Balance On A Boogie Board (feat. Homeboy Sandman)" (2015)

Blackalicious "On Fire Tonight [Audio]" (2015)

Markis Precise "For Heaven's Sake (feat. Chuuwee) [Audio]" (2015)

P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros "Go Nuts (feat. Tanya Morgan & Substantial)"

Substantial & Algorythm "Lasting Impression (feat. Wayna)" (2015)

Kirk Knight "Good Knight (feat. Joey BadA$$, Flatbush Zombies & Dizzy Wright)"  (2015)

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