Sia's "Alive" Video Amps Anticipation For "This Is Acting" & Raises Bar For the "Lyric Video" Format

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One  week ago Sia published another video for her current global pop hit "Alive," which is the lead single off the Australian artist's anticipated next album, This Is Acting. The new album will be comprised of songs Sia originally wrote for other people including "Alive," which, along with Tobias Jesso Jr.she wrote for Adele.
Note that Sia, who has graced the Amoeba Hollywood stage twice over the years with memorable in-store performances in both 2006 and 2008, has not yet announced the release date for her new album.  However, the fact that there's only a few release weeks left to the year and that she will be the musical guest on SNL November 7th (with Donald Trump as host) both indicate that it should be within the next few weeks. The new "lyric video" version for "Alive"  replaces the original, month-old "audio" version of the same song that, despite having only the one still image, has already racked up almost 11 million YouTube views! After one week online the "Alive" lyric video has attracted 1.4 million views. Over time that number will grow exponentially but it undoubtedly will be eclipsed by the total number of views that the forthcoming third video for the song will likely attract. Coincidentally, earlier today that upcoming official Sia "Alive" music video was given its own promo video (see below).  With the tag "Sia - Alive - Trailer (Music Video Coming Soon)" that 25 second ad has garnered 60,000 views since this morning. No doubt when it does get published it will rank up their with the singer's previous video stats. These include Sia's much talked about "Electric Heart (feat Shia LeBeouf and Maddie Ziegler)" that, since posted at the beginning of this year, has 425 million views. Meanwhile, Sia's video for "Chandelier" off last year's 1000 Forms Of Fear has gotten 948 million views to date!  

But back to the "Alive" lyric video, which shows two-tone wigged Sia lookalikes spray-painting the town with all the lyrics for the song. This lyric video is so good in itself that, beyond amping up the anticipation for This Is Acting album, it also raises the bar on the lyric video format. At one time just a hastily thrown together production acting as sort of tide over for fans until the real official music video gets made, the quality of lyric videos has gotten way better in recent years.  Examples include the lyric videos for Katy Perry's "Birthday" and Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together." The new Lior Molcho-directed lyric video for Sia's "Alive" tops those two raising the standards further in the music video sub-genre.


Sia "Alive" (lyric video version) (2015)

Ohio University Marching 110 version of "Alive" for whichSia tweeted:
"Holy crumbs! This marching band from Ohio just blew my mind! Better than the original!

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