Film On Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities "Where Is Hope - The Art of Murder" Screens in Bay Area Week of Oct 19th

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Author/activist/artist/broadcaster/Krip-Hop Nation founder and frequent guest Amoeblogger Leroy Moore, is his typical hella busy self. Always working on a new project, including new music tracks and putting the finishing touches to his accurately titled new book of poetry and prose, Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics, that will be published in December, he is also one of the subjects in the new documentary Where Is Hope - The Art Of Murder that will be screened along with an open forum at various Bay Area venues (in the East Bay and SF) over the coming week beginning on Monday, October 19th in Oakland at Perch on Grand Ave. 

Directed by Emmitt H Thrower and co-produced by Moore, the film tackles the very topical subject of police brutality against minorities with a focus on police brutality against people with disabilities. The stories of two main subjects are told, including the well publicized incident of Jason Harrison who was shot and killed by Dallas, Texas police. He was the schizophrenic 38-year-old African American man who was shot and killed by white police officers in front of his own mother on the doorstep of their home after she herself had called 911 for support with her mentally ill son so she could get him to a hospital. Instead, the police, upon seeing the calm Harrison holding a screwdriver, shot and killed him. That was last year. Then a few months ago, a grand jury in Dallas County announced that they would not indict the two officers in the fatal shooting.

As well as being in the film, Leroy Moore also contributed a hip-hop track to its soundtrack. It is the collaborative track with fellow krip-hop artist Fezo who notes how police discriminate against minorities regardless of their disability as he raps, "You see my brown skin but not my disability" in the song. Following the screenings of the emotionally charged film there will be an open forum on the topic. "Steeley Foundation and Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia of Poor Magazine envision the film as a tool to facilitate forums with discussions around this topic. This includes the showing of this film in the Bay Area, New York, and elsewhere nationally," said Moore of the film whose trailer is below. 

Sponsored by Kin Folkz and Spectrum Queer Media, the first screening will be at  Perch on 440 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94612 on Monday, October 19th at 7pm. On Tuesday, October 20th, it will be show in downtown Berkeley at the East Bay Media Center at 1939  Addison St. in a screening sponsored by Berkeley CopWatch.  And finally, on Sunday, October 25th at 2pm, it will screen at Modern Times bookstore collective at 2919 24th St. San Francisco. More info.


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