DJ Qbert Interview on Maker Faire NY, new Invisibl Skratch Piklz LP with Shortkut & D-Styles + new Mix Master Mike collaboration

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Late yesterday afternoon, within an hour of landing at JFK following a long flight in from Japan where he was at the big Red Bull World DJ Championship week-long event, DJ Qbert showed no signs of jet-lag but was in surprisingly good form as he pulled his compact suitcase across the grass grounds of the New York Hall of Science in Queens where this weekend the World Maker Faire NY 2015 takes place. The hard working, pioneering turntablist who has been the leading ambassador of skratch music for the past two decades, has had one of his busiest years to date. Still satisfying fans' demand to hear and see him perform tracks live from his acclaimed new album Extraterrestria (and its spinoff GalaXXXian), the San Francisco DJ born Richard Quitevis has been on a seemingly non-stop globetrotting trek of concerts and showcase performances. Now, back on US soil this weekend along with his fellow Thud Rumble crew of forward thinking tech gear designers (Yogafrog, Hard Rich, Charles Angeles Jr.), he is at the big Maker Faire NY.

A sort of sequel to the Maker Faire in San Mateo back in May (reported on Amoeblog) where Thud Rumble and Intel teamed up on new technology, Qbert is expected to do some very special demo performances of the new technology as well as open the stage up to feature guest spots by a wide range of NY area DJs including hip-hop pioneer Jazzy Jay and young talented 15-year-old DMC champ Dwells (reported on Amoeblog here) as well as DJ stars Rob Swift, and Precision. And inside word (not confirmed, mind you) is that on Sunday afternoon many of the DJs will leave the Maker Faire grounds to set up under the nearby historic Unisphere (from World's Fair 1964) to do a special free performance for the public.

Qbert said he feels "blessed" to being a part of such a forward thinking event as Maker Faire. "I just love it because you have all these great minds around and all these inventors and everyone's at the cutting edge of what's gonna be new in the future. It's a blessing to be here and to see what the future is going to be like," he said yesterday during set up time for this weekend's Faire.


"It's me, Shortkut, and D-Styles and it's called The 13th Floor. It's all skratching songs and it's all live, and we can perform all the songs live. They [Red Bull] gave us a free studio and we recorded it all live there in Tokyo," said Qbert of the new Invisibl Skratch Piklz (ISP) project that, featuring their strongest lineup out of the many participants under the ISP name over the years, was recorded a couple of months ago. Interestingly for such a legendary turntable group with several releases bearing their name, the forthcoming album will in fact be the first official Invisbl Skratch Piklz album ever released - all else where either individual tracks or improv mixtape or radio session recordings, never an official LP. "We are putting the final touches on it now and getting ready to release the album ASAP," shared Qbert noting how  forthcoming album, that they performed at the big Red Bull battle over last weekend. And as the power trio rehearsed for that big Tokyo showcase debut of their forthcoming album, Q along with Dave "D-Styles" Causito, and Jonathan "Shortkut" Cruz they stumbled up on some last minute post-production additions to the anticipated new album that is unique in that it is being released by the DJ friendly energy drink company and not some record label. "We made up a few new things the other day in rehearsal that we said 'Hey! That should go on the album' so we will add them in like a little extra icing on the cake," said Qbert adding that he and the other ISP star Mix Master Mike (not on this album) will be releasing a totally separate album together. "Yeah me and him have a new group called Channel Zecter and that's gonna be coming out after the Invisibl Skratch Piklz," said Qbert.

Qbert was only on US soil an hour and was already busy skratching. It was a sound check at the empty main Maker Faire performance stage that would be mad packed over the weekend (100,000 + are expected to attend) but rather than just a quick practice sound check, the passionate DJ was lost in the sound and putting on a killer performance - both solo and with DJ Inbituin (the turntable alias of Thud Rumble's Charles Angeles Jr) for the lucky handful present on the Flushing park grounds. Allowing him to get back to doing what he loves most - skratching - I asked Qbert one last question: how does he manage to stay fresh and healthy and well rested looking amidst such a non-stop grueling travel and performance schedule? "Naps all day. A lot of spring water and every chance I get I get some healthy food in me and sleep as much as possible whenever I can," he smiled before getting back into and lost in the skratch. The Maker Faire NY happens today and tomorrow - September 26th & 27th, 2015 from 10am to 6pm - at the NY Hall of Science in Queens, NY. Info and tix here and below is YouTube live video stream from the weekend long event.

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