10 Album Reissues Out This Week on Limited Edition Pink Vinyl

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Ten Bands One Cause Limited Edition Pink Vinyl

This week's Vinyl Tuesday releases are from ten bands who have reissued albums on limited edition pink vinyl to help raise money for Gilda’s Club NYC, an organization named after comedian Gilda Radner that is dedicated to supporting cancer patients and their families. Ten Bands One Cause began during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) in 2014, raising $30,000 for Gilda's Club NYC with its limited pink vinyl releases. This year's bands supporting the cause include Run the Jewels, Al Green, Chet Faker, and more. See the complete list below and purchase them from us - while they last.

Between the Buried and me

Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic [Pink Vinyl]

Progressive rock heroes Between the Buried and Me reissue their seventh studio album, Coma Ecliptic - a concept album about a man stuck in a coma, journeying through his past lives.

Chet Faker Built on Glass

Chet Faker
Built On Glass [Pink Vinyl]

With a great big beard and a terrific voice that can swoop from a low baritone to high, dulcet tones, Chet Faker aka Nicholas James Murphy makes laptop R&B that stands above the rest on Built on Glass. Like New Zealander Lorde, Aussie Chet Faker breaks a lot of rules to make electronically infused pop that is immediately catchy and likable without sounding too much like anything else.


La Curandera [Pink Vinyl]

Maryland rockers Clutch have released La Curandera  specifically for the The Ten Bands One Cause campaign. The record is a compilation of 8 tracks on pink vinyl from Clutch's vast catalog of songs with album art by illustrator Becky Cloonan (Marvel). 

Please note: this record is delayed until the end of October.

Al Green The Belle Album

Al Green
The Belle Album [Expanded Edition] [Pink Vinyl]

The Belle Album by soul guru Al Green enjoys its first vinyl pressing in 30 years! The Belle Album marks the first instance in which Al Green played lead guitar on a record.

Joey Badass

Joey Bada$$
B4.DA.$$ [Pink Vinyl]

Joey Bada$$, having earned some well deserved credit over the last couple years, balances the old and the new with B4.DA.$$. The young MC is known for his rhyming, his ear for production and most importantly his penchant for the boom-bap rap era.

Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson
Lights Out [Pink Vinyl]

On Lights Out, coffee house chanteuse turned top 40 star continues to come into her own as an artist as she debuts a more pop-oriented sound that suits Michaelson’s sweet voice quite well. Without alienating her audience, Michaelson may have made the big crossover album she’s been promising since her debut.

Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil
Collide With The Sky [Pink Vinyl]

This vinyl reissue of the San Diego post-hardcore group’s third album is packed with tightly-coiled guitar riffs and power-pop hooks, while Vic Fuentes’ searing vocals deliver hope through the melodrama of tunes like “King For a Day,” which features co-vocals by Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens.


Frizzle Fry [Pink Vinyl]

Primus’ 1990 debut announced the arrival of Les Claypool and his band of misfits. Sounding unlike any other alternative band of the era, Frizzle Fry synthesized influenced from metal, funk, post-punk and oddballs like Zappa and the Residents into a gurgling stew of deranged sounds. 

Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2 [Pink Vinyl]

Run The Jewels, the super talented hip-hop power duo of El-P and Killer Mike, outdid themselves in 2014 with their anticipated follow up to last year's excellent self-titled debut on Fool's Gold. For the all killer no filler sequel, released via Nas' newly launched Mass Appeal Records and simply entitled RTJ2 or Run The Jewels 2, they turn up the sonic and lyrical assault with an in your face album that is as much rock as it is hip-hop and, while only eleven songs deep, it satisfies on every level, leaving listeners longing for more. If only for the pitch-perfect second single and best song on the album "Oh My Darling Don’t Cry," this album would be worth buying but everything on here kicks ass. As E-Lit at Amoeba Berkeley noted, Run The Jewels is better than anything either El-P or Killer Mike have done individually up to this point in their respective careers - and they've each done some amazing work! RTJ2's select featured guests include Zack de la Rocha, Travis Barker, Diane Coffee, and BOOTS.

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson
Metamodern Sounds In Country Music [Pink Vinyl]

Sturgill Simpson’s second album infuses his rich, Waylon Jennings-inspired hard country with a modernist approach. "There’s a gateway in our mind that leads somewhere out there beyond this plane/where reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain," he sings surrealistically over spaced-out country on opener "Turtles All the Way Down." Simpson also spins out drunken hillbilly rock ‘n’ roll with the best of ‘em on "Life of Sin" and turns When In Rome’s new-wave prom ballad "The Promise" into a paralyzingly beautiful torch song. Much of Metamodern Sounds plays it traditionally, but these wild hairs make the album as a whole a delightfully unpredictable trip.


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