With His Song "Satan's Government" Irish Rapper Tommy KD Articulates Frustration Felt By Nation With Its Political/Economic System

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Ireland's economy may not be in quite as dire a state as that of some of its fellow European nations such as Spain or Greece where current unemployment rates are 22% and 25% respectively. Ireland's unemployment rate is still high at 10%. But with constant economic cutbacks, diminishing public programs, and increasing living costs including the controversial proposed water charges that drew huge protests in the nation's capital, Ireland is far removed from its bygone economic boom years. Long gone are those lush years of its economic growth when everyday conversations focused on purchasing second and third homes. Nowadays austerity is the word you're more likely to hear as well as complaints about the Irish government and politicians in general who, along with bankers that got rich off the short-lived boom years, are disliked by so many in the Emerald Isle.

Tapping into and perfectly articulating that national feeling of contempt for the elite powers (government and corporations) is Irish rapper Tommy KD whose latest single "Satan's Government" (video below that was shot in part during the aforementioned water-charge protests) vents the feelings felt that so many in Ireland and across Europe. The powerful single - his follow-up to "Bag Of Gear" (also produced by Hazo) previously featured on the Amoeblog contains the chant-along refrain "The Goverment I hate them. They belong to Satan. Everything the people own; they've gone out and taken. And we are all forsaken at the hands of these greedy statesmen." Mincing no words he also raps "Fuck them in The Dail [Irish government] and "Fuck the Mayor and the President." Elsewhere he offers that, "No political party will bring about change until we change the system"  and how, "The government rebuke every promise they make and doctor the truth…and they say fuck the working class, no hopers……..The good old days of the Celtic Tiger are over!"

Via email, with assistance from his Anam Recordings label rep Patrick Neary, I caught up with the artist born Thomas Kiernan Dunne earlier today from Ireland to ask him what he sees (if any) as a possible solution to the current political/economic situation in Ireland? "[It] should be an emphasis on community spirit, affordable housing, and an outright change to a system where people come before profit," he replied. Observing the impressive turnout for the recent water-charge protest in Dublin, I wondered what Tommy KD felt it takes to get the people of Ireland to sit up and protest effectively? "The more they enforce these world wide austerity programs the more people will unite and protest," he replied, adding that, "It may just reach, or need to reach, a tipping point like the ongoing events in Greece where everyone will have had enough!" 

Tommy KD "Satan's Government" (2015)

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