Hip-Hop Rap-Up: Top 5, Vince Staples, JMJ Son's Direct Marketing, "Local Produce 2" Among Final Hip-Hop Shows @ Elbo Room SF

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: Week Ending 07:31:15

1) Vince Staples Summertime 06 (Def Jam)

2) A$AP Rocky  At.Long.Last.A$AP (RCA)

3) Drake If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late   (Republic)

4) Slum Village Yes! (also in LP) (Nestra Music Group)

5) Pete Rock Petestrumentals 2 (Fat Beats) (also avail on vinyl)

One of this summer's signature hip-hop albums, especially for those in the same SoCal locale as its talented 22-year-old Long Beach creator Vince Staples, Summertime 06 continues to outsell every other new hip-hop album at Amoeba Hollywood this week where it's holding the number one slot. The Def Jam release, which had one of the year's most innovative rap videos for the album track "Senorita," just published another video from the album for track "Norf Norf." While a totally different style, it's another really great video from the rapper who deserves all the accolades he gets. The new music video (see below) perfectly matches the downtempo, moody, head-nodding beat-driven track. Throughout the video, as Vince raps the song's eerily repetitive refrain "I ain't never ran from nuthin but the police," he is seen being pushed and mistreated by the po-po, rapping from the back of the police car, and later down at the station as the cops shove his head into the ground. In a time when so many mainstream and major label artists tend to shy away from anything deemed slightly offensive to any group, Vince Staples is a breath of fresh air and an artist who will be around for a long time to come, I would bet.

Another chart entry from a currently popular contemporary hip-hop artist is Harlem's A$AP Rocky  whose At.Long.Last.A$AP remains a favorite two full months after its May 26th release, which, in these short attention span times where fans are always seeking out the next thing, is quite a feat. Drake's If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late   is another staple that will likely continue to sell well for the remainder of 2015. A recommended chart entry is Slum Village's Yes! CD (also on vinyl thanks to the Nestra Music Group). Also avail in all formats is Pete Rock's long anticipated instrumentals package sequel, Petestrumentals 2.

Vince Staples "Norf Norf" (2015)

GoodWord "If You Say So" (2015)


Featuring a trove of throwback images, including lots of '80s and other retro pop culture references, above is the brand new video by GoodWord (of BPos fame) for his snappy, intelligent hip-hop track that is produced by the prolifically talented Tahaj the First with cutting and scratching by E-Train. The longtime independent San Francisco hip-hop artist expresses emotions shared by so many struggling talented underground artists who never get the level of shine they deserve. Regardless, GoodWord and the community of artists he collaborates with clearly love hip-hop to the core and will likely never quit it, even if they never make a penny from their favorite cultural movement. Hip-hop is in their blood. And for proof GoodWord along with his crew BPos will be on a wonderful bill in SF tonight - a hip-hop party entitled Local Produce 2 - at the endangered and beloved Mission District Elbo Room club.

The longtime community venue on Valencia is another victim of gentrification in the ever-changing Mission and is slated to close by this Fall when it will be replaced by (you guessed it) more luxury condos. Meantime, shows like tonight's at the Elbo Room are still happening at the doomed venue where so many great concerts have taken place over the decades. Sad! But tonight is for joy with BPos being joined on the bill with Myka 9, Brycon, scratch guitar pioneer / friend of Amoeba The Genie, plus Grand Killa Con (that's Luke Sick with Brycon and they do an energized throwback hip-hop live show). Show info.

Finally I leave you with the image below that was mass-emailed out over the past week with the subject heading "Hip Hop Royalty," advertising the DJ services of a the late great Jam Master Jay's DJ son. Unlike many celebrity offsprings, who chose to disassociate themselves from their famous parents and try and make it on their own, Jam Master Jay's son has no other agenda but to get booked based on his famous pop's name/brand - even going so far as to simply name himself JMJSON to avoid any possible opportunity to forget his Run-D.M.C. lineage and why you should book this "son of a legend" now for Fall/Winter 2015.

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