Hip-Hop History Tuesdays: Digital Underground Spin-off Acts

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From when they first formed in the East Bay in the late 1980s, the funk/rap/hip-hop ensemble Digital Underground (DU) was as much a collective of creative-minded artists as simply a singular rap group. As such, these young P-Funk disciples tended to have an ever-rotating stable of members and associated artists. Digital Underground, whose consistent core members over their two-decade timeline were Shock G (aka Humpty Hump, aka M.C. Blowfish) and Money B, spawned several spinoff acts in their prime years (circa '88 - '93) that included most notably a dancer and roadie turned actor and rap superstar Tupac Shakur or 2Pac, Raw Fusion (DJ Fuze and Money B), Gold Money (who were also signed to Tommy Boy for a minute, but long enough to do the cool money-themed promo items pictured below), Saafir (f/k/a The Saucy Nomad), female emcee/singer Mystic (who was also down with Conscious Daughters), and Pee Wee. Pee Wee, who was part of the aforementioned Gold Money along with Bigg Money Odis, would go on to produce for 2Pac as well as being a member of another Bay Area collective, Too $hort's extended Dangerous Crew rap family.

Other names that could be added to the Digital Underground spin-off acts would include the post-DU musical explorations of original members who split the group early on, such as DJ Kenny K or drummer/producer Jimi Dright (aka Chopmaster J) whose other musical projects included Force One Network. Those associated members and frequent collaborators such as Luniz could technically be tagged in this list too. So for this Hip-Hop History Amoeblog, we celebrate some of these Digital Underground spin-off acts with a series of videos starting with 2Pac's 1993 video for "I Get Around," whose mic guests included Shock G and Money B from the group that gave him his start. In the following video below from two years earlier, Raw Fusion's 1991 "Throw Your Hands In The Air" off their largely slept on Hollywood Basic album Live From the Styleetron, 2Pac makes a cameo. In addition to those music videos there are also ones below by Gold Money, Force One Network, and Mystic.


2Pac "I Get Around" (1993)

Raw Fusion - Throw Your Hands In The Air (1991)

Gold Money "Big Money" (1992)

Force One Network "Sista Sista" (1992)

Mystic "The Life" (2001)

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