Main Attrakionz Promise "A Real Celebration" At Their Amoeba Berkeley In-Store (June 30) In Support Of "808s & Dark Grapes III" (Vapor)

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For Main Attrakionz' anticipated Amoeba Berkeley in-store this week (on Tuesday, June 30th at 5pm) in support of their brand new 808s & Dark Grapes III (out that same day on Vapor), the prolific Oakland hip-hop crew's Squadda B promises a most memorable show that will be "a real celebration of everything we've been through since Carter Middle School." North Oakland's Carter Middle school is where the rapper/producer born Charles Glover is referring to. It was there that he first met up with his partner in rhyme, Damondre Grice (aka rapper Mondre M.A.N.). From that point on, at the young age of 12-years-old no less, it has been quite a ride for the inseparable, prolific, pioneering pair.
From the get go, the two go-getters tirelessly entered every local talent shows they could find. Over the following years they would win a lot of them too. But more importantly they learned and grew from their experiences that would help pave the way for a career that, for the artists who are only now 24-years-old, has already been quite accomplished. They've recorded a shitload of music (approx 15 full-length projects, although only two albums, including the new one, are commercially available), worked with such artists as Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky, been credited with being among the chief architects in creating the alt rap psychedelic hip-hop sub-genre of "cloud rap," and landed a deal with Neil Young's Vapor Records, to name but a sampling of their accolades to date.

  Main Attrakionz "Ain't No Other Way" (Vapor, 2015)

 Main Attrakionz "Shoot The Dice (feat. Shady Blaze)" (Vapor, 2015)

Following a hiatus (by their standards) since they hadn't released anything since last year's underground BDE: Best Duo Ever: The Bricktape and Lofi Til I Die, which was a joint release with LFK, Main Attrakionz return this week to release their finest work to date. 808s & Dark Grapes III is the official follow-up to 2012's critically acclaimed Bossalinis & Fooliyones (also released on vinyl by Young One). The new album, that features such tracks as "Ain't No Other Way" and "Shoot the Dice" guesting Shady Blaze, is the third in the series but the first commercially available installment, with production by the East Bay team Friendzone that is comprised of James Laurence and Dylan Reznick. With production studios based out of Pleasanton, the two Oakland rappers would trek over to join them in the studio to record (and re-record, and fine tune) each and every track on the new album. This more organic traditional approach to recording is most unusual in this age where hip-hop recordings tend to be stereotypically done care of shared files via the Internet.

Over the weekend, I met up with Squadda B and Mondre M.A.N. in downtown Oakland to discuss their recording process, and such things as their role models and influences. In addition to looking to E-40, Too $hort, Mac Dre, and Jay-Z as role models, they cite the Mob Figaz as their main musical influence. "Their sound took over our whole world. Their use of samples and melodies and how they put together their whole sound - you didn't hear that period but in the Bay especially," said Squadda B of the group that featured The Jacka (RIP). I also chatted with Main Attrakionz about their early rapping days back in Carter Middle School, their feelings nowadays on the term "cloud rap," on signing to Neil Young's label, and what to expect at their free Amoeba Berkeley in-store on June 30th at 5pm. That video interview follows below. Amoeba Berkeley is located at 2544 Telegraph Ave. Look out for their new album 808s and Dark Grapes III dropping Tuesday, June 30th.

Main Attrakionz Amoeblog Interview (2015)

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