Hip-Hop Rap-Up: Top 5 Chart, Killer Mike's Political Career Postponed, New Oakland Party "Wax Poetic"

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Hip-Hop Top 5 Chart: Week End 06:19:15

1) Run The Jewels Run The Jewels 2  (LP) (Mass Appeal)

2) Czarface Every Hero Needs A Villain (also in LP) Brick Records)

3) Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly (Aftermath)

4) Slum Village Yes! (also in LP) (Nestra Music Group)

5) A$AP Rocky  At.Long.Last.A$AP (RCA)

Thanks to Daniel at the Amoeba Hollywood store for the current week's top five hip-hop album chart (CD and vinyl) that includes the brand new anticipated releases from A$AP Rocky (At.Long.Last.A$AP), and the second comic book-inspired Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric project Czarface's new Every Hero Needs A Villain, which features the sick lead single "Ka-Bang!" with MF DOOM and "The Great" (see new music video below). Also under new hip-hop releases is the just released eighth studio album from late J Dilla's group Slum Village. Entitled Yes!' and available in both CD and LP, this recommended guest-heavy album from the Detroit group features such collaborators as De La Soul and Phife Dawg. The latest hip-hop top five chart also includes two not-so-new albums that are still in demand at Amoeba Hollywood. These are Kendrick Lamar's much heralded album To Pimp A Butterfly that's been out since March and Run The Jewels' Run The Jewels 2  that first arrived in Amoeba back in November, when El-P and Killer Mike dropped their long awaited second collaborative full-length. It's timely too that Run The Jewels 2 is back in the number one slot since one of its creators has been in the news this past week due to his near official entry into politics. 
It almost happened! For a minute it looked like Killer Mike might land a job in political office in Georgia’s House of Representatives. Anyone who has read his excellent op-eds or who has heard him speak, including on Real Time with Bill Maher, knows he would have been a refreshingly welcome voice in political office. Exactly what Killer Mike had in his sights was the state rep for Atlanta’s District 55. Guilty of tax, wire, and mail fraud charges, the disgraced and resigned Tyrone Brooks was vacating his seat in a hurry, so Mike saw it and thought to himself, why not go for it. He Instagrammed about it before the June 16th deadline but then afterwards posted a follow up to say he found out that is ineligible for this year's election. He said that he does plan to run for office in the future. He will do it too, I bet, and he is so made for the job. Always informed and engaging on current topics including all angels on race in America, education, the prison complex, militant cops, and the politics behind it all, he's got a good handle on the most important things in need of vital change in America today. I wonder if he had actually landed the political office, would he have found himself getting frustrated with the political system itself? And what about Run The Jewels and his music career?  Hopefully he would become a hip-hop politician by continuing his hip-hop career while assuming his political role.  Meantime, for a refresher on how Killer Mike really feels about Ronald Reagan as president, check out the animated music video for the R.A.P. Music (also avail in vinyl) track "Reagan" off his amazing solo release via Williams Street from 2012.

Killer Mike "Reagan" (2012)

Czarface "The Great" (2015)

Last night's Hieroglyphics-curated Wax Poetic opening party with MC Pep Love at Oakland's Legionnaire Saloon was a big success according to Marc Stretch - the multi-talented DJ/MC of Foreign Legion fame. Last night he, along fellow Bay Area DJs Saurus and Cutso, kicked off what looks to be a really promising new monthly in the Bay Area. Wax Poetic is taking place on the third Fridays at the Legionnaire. The goal of Wax Poetic (like the magazine its name reminds one of) is all about revering the music and the culture that accompanies it. Stretch and crew's vision for their new Oakland party is not to put on another get-drunk-and-dance-to-top-40-rap-hits but rather to bring together hip-hop fans who share a love of the culture and respect its history. Hence on the two levels of Legionnaire the speakers were bumping a mix of underground hip-hop with some funk breaks and Afro beat. The organizers of Wax Poetic stress that their new event is one sorely needed in the Bay Area hip-hop community. Promoter/DJ Marc Stretch as well as his Foreign Legion partner in rhyme Zack Turner, who owns the Telegraph Ave. club where Wax Poetic will take place at every month, both know firsthand all about the continual struggle of independent hip-hop voices trying to be heard amidst the rabble of commercial pap. Foreign Legion are a prime example of a super-talented Bay Area hip-hop group who never got the level of recognition they deserved. Stretch and Prozack - along with third member DJ Design for much of their career - since they arrived on the scene in the late 90's, have built a legacy by tirelessly performing memorable shows and recording some incredible hip-hop music that fittingly frequently addresses the struggles of an indie hip-hop artist. Foreign Legion's song "Fulltime B-Boy," that initially was released by ABB Records and was featured on the first Amoeba Music Compilation and on their album Kidnappers Van back a decade and a half ago, was prophetic in its summation of the hip-hop music business and their place in it. Lyrics like Prozack's accurate observation that, "The dopest MCs are always the brokest," and the fact that  he and Marc are still doing the music they love proves that they're destined to continue to present and preserve hip-hop culture. The next Wax Poetic will be July 17th at The Legionnaire Saloon at 2272 Telegraph Ave., Oakland.


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