Weekly Roundup: Courtney Love, Ariel Pink, The Sandwitches, Pure Ground

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Courtney Love“Miss Narcissist”

courtney love miss narcissistCourntey Love has a new single out on Nathan Williams of WavvesGhost Ramp label. Scoff if you want, but it’s not half bad, signaling the notorious singer may be on the road to musical recovery after a rocky past decade and a half or so. Love’s been more public as of late, speaking about the Kurt Cobain documentary she helped authorize, Montage of Heck, and appearing on shows like Empire and recording music for that show’s soundtrack. Her music’s usually been more interesting than her antics, and “Miss Narcissist” shows she’s got plenty of tunes left up her sleeve. Look for the vinyl 7” of “Miss Narcissist” and B-side “Radio Killer” this summer.


Ariel Pink – “I Need a Minute”

Ariel Pink has released a new song from the film Heaven Knows What, the new cinema verite/narrative film about a heroin addict who finds love in New York City (it’s showing this Saturday at Cinefamily). Pink created more than 45 minutes of music for the film, but “I Need a Minute” ended up being what was used. The vocally warped synth ballad will be released as a 7”. Listen via Pitchfork, and watch the trailer for Heaven Knows What below. The film is directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, stars Arielle Holmes and is based on Holmes’ forthcoming memoir, Mad Love in New York City.


And here’s Ariel Pink’s episode of “What’s In My Bag?”


The Sandwitches – “Wickerman Mambo”

S.F. garage-pop group The Sandwitches are releasing their last-ever album June 9, Our Toast, on Empty Cellar. But there’s no need to be sad—“Wickerman Mambo’s” ramshackle allure and saloon-ready jangle feel too celebratory for that, while the ladies’ winsome vocals weave in and out playfully. Pick up Our Toast and check this great band out while you still can! Check out “Wickerman Mambo” via no fear of pop.


Pure Ground – “Poison”

I missed this one a couple of weeks ago, but I’m always game to hear new EBM/darkwave-style bands, and L.A.’s Pure Ground doesn’t disappoint. This track has plenty of menace, with grim lyrics about “black venom falling from your mouth,” but its analog pulse keeps things lively. It’s like someone’s last dance before dying. Standard of Living is due June 23 on Chrondritic Sound


Shows This Weekend

Friday: Roses, Dunes and Vats at the Bootleg HiFi ($10)

Saturday: Isaac Rother & the Phantoms, Zig Zags and Black Mambas at El Cid ($5)

Sunday: Dream Boys play Cinefamily along with a screening of Sarah Records documentary My Secret World: The Story of Sarah Records ($12)

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