Ennio Morricone Feature Documentary In The Works

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Ennio Morricone's score for Sergio Leone's "Once upon a time in the West"

Good, it's about time! That seems to be the general reaction by fans of Ennio Morricone to the news that there will be a feature documentary on the iconic Italian composer whose vast body of work spans writing music for 500 plus films and TV shows, in addition to countless contemporary classical compositions. His Amoeba online store page offers almost 200 titles! There have been pieces done on Morricone, such as the 1995 BBC TV documentary, but never a full feature scale documentry.

As recently reported by Deadline, director Giuseppe Tornatore, who first worked with Morricone on Cinema Paradiso, will begin shooting the documentary on the life of the legendary prolific 86-year-old composer in two months. It will be a unique documentary structured to reportedly, "highlight a side of Morricone that has never been revealed."  

As a fan I cannot wait for this documentary.'s J.Poet so accurately noted; "Ennio Morricone is one of the few musicians to have invented a new genre. His soundtracks for a series of Italian western films by director Sergio Leone, many starring Clint Eastwood, created “spaghetti Western” music by mixing surf guitar, classical, pop, rock, electronic, avant-garde, and Italian music and sprinkling it with samples of birdcalls, gunshots, footsteps, animal noises, and whistling. The sound became as popular as the films they were part of." 

With so many projects and film directors that Morricone has collaborated with over his prolific career, Tornatore will no doubt face challenges in what not to include when it comes to the amount of interviews he could conduct for this documentary. As noted by Deadline, Morricone such directors as Sergio Corbucci, John Carpenter, Brian De Palma, Terrence Malick, Barry Levinson, Mike Nichols, and Oliver Stone, while his soundtrack scores are closely associated with a long list of films such as A Fistful Of Dollars, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, Once Upon A Time In The West, Days Of Heaven, The Mission, The Untouchables, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, and Bugsy. Additionally Morricone's work has also been utilized by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill, Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds, and Django Unchained

Ennio Morricone "A Fistful Of Dollars" score

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