It's 4/20: Rallying Call Continues To Be Legalize It, And Make Today A National Holiday

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On his past Friday night's HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the long time outspoken supporter of pot legalization said that 4/20 (aka today's date April 20th) should be made an official national holiday. He says this because already it is the day set aside to fully celebrate the positive effects of weed and the advancements and recent strides towards marijuana legalization and its accepted use for medical uses - it just needs a Federal stamp of approval. In showing his sincerity for his proposal Bill Maher noted that he had alredy created a petition that calls on Congress to make every year's April 20 date a national weed-related holiday. He is serious and has consistently championed the legalization of pot, routinely calling out President Obama on his slowness to fully promote legalization on a national level.

You can sign the Change.Org petition here which has already reached about 80% of its desired petition signees. Despite the general lax attitude towards weed in California these days, thanks mostly to the efforts of those who fought for medical cannabis legalization which date back to Proposition 215 (AKA the Compassionate Use Act of 1996) the California law concerning the use of medical cannabis, it is important to remember that it is still not legal for recreation use in the Golden State. And hence why a couple of grassroots political groups have recent filed ballot initiatives to try and make weed (medical and recreational) more accessible to adults in the State.The California Craft Cannabis Initiative is for both full legalization and for initiating both a cannabis trademark and a state cannabis commission. Meanwhile the other recently filed ballot initiative is The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act which is more of a health-care (versus recreational) rooted initiative that is pushing for weed to be viewed and fully accepted as a “legitimate, alternative medicinal treatment.” Both of these (or just one or neither) could well end up next year (2016) for voters in California to make a decision on at the ballots.

Regardless of whether today, 4/20, is an official US holiday or not, it is still being celebrated in high style by an ever growing large segment of the US population - especially in those states where legalization of both medical and recreational pot have taken place. Today in celebration of the holiday like event longtime, high-profile weed ambassador Willie Nelson and his longtime country music pal/fellow weed appreciator Merle Haggard unveiled a studio version of their song "It's All Gone to Pot" - the song, from their forthcoming duet album, which they uploaded via TeamCoco site - can be seen heard played recently in a concert in Texas (video below) last month. Meanwhile here in the Bay Area 4/20 celebrations are already well underway with many having begun over the weekend such as the blum dispensary in Oakland where yesterday (April 19th) was day one of the 2015 4/20 celebrations that tied in with the Hieorglyphics crew; Tajai of Souls of Mischief performed yesterday afternoon (music entertainment continues today). Meanwhile Tajai's Souls crew mate A-Plus today made available his third in an ongoing 4/20 themed series: the Legrowlize It! Vol. 3 mixtape. For 4/20 over at CBCB in Berkeley there's reggae/hip-hop flavored entertainment with mic wreckers and DJs bringing live music and helping celebrate the 4/20 holiday. Performers include Rocker-T,  DJ Black, Kenny Loafers, and DJ Kure All. There's special offers, raffles, and prizes. For medical marijuana dispensaries 4/20 it seems is like their version of Record Store Day - a day when everyone comes out and visits their favorite spots. And like Record Store Day - known for its exclusive releases - 4/20 generally features dispensaries selling special strains for this date.

Regarding the significance of 4/20 being the day (and time) set aside for celebrating the sticky icky, weed lore has it that celebrating 4:20 dates back to the early 1970's when, somewhere in NorCal near Humboldt - longtime the epicenter of California weed-growing, a group of friends chose that time of the day to light up. Since then the time morphed into the date of April 20th as a celebratory time and nowadays it seems everyone, smokers and non-smokers alike, are well aware of the meaning of 4:20. To accompany this year's 4/20 I present, along with that Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard new pot song, a selection of other (mostly hip-hop/rap) videos - all below (click on the artist's name in blue highlight to get linked to their music for sale on the Amoeba website).

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard "It's All Gone to Pot (live)"

Cypress Hill "Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk"

Peter Tosh "Legalize It (Live)"

Snoop Lion "Smoke The Weed (feat. Collie Buddz)"


                                        Bone Thugs~N~Harmony "Weed Song"

RBL Posse "Don't Gimme No Bammer"


Tha Alkaholiks "Mary Jane"

Kid Cudi "Marijuana" (from Man on the Moon II)

Potluck "Hotbox Anthem (Feat. Absolute On End and Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader)"

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