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Fences is the brainchild of Brockton, Massachusetts native Christopher Mansfield. In 2009, Mansfield released his debut EP, Ultimate Puke, online via his MySpace page. The songs caught the attention of Sara Quin of popular Canadian band Tegan & Sara. Quin later produced and contributed vocals to the debut full-length, Fences (2010). Mansfield has since collaborated with fellow Seattle artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis both contributing to each other's projects. Mansfield co-wrote the song "10,000 Fences Lesser OceansHours" from Macklemore's break through hit record, The Heist.

Now part of the Elektra roster, Fences just released Lesser Oceans this week. Mansfield and his cohorts - guitarist Benjamin Greenspan, drummer Elliot Chaffee and bassist Lindsey Starr - deliver 10 perfectly written folk-pop songs with help from producers Ryan Lewis, Chris Walla and Jacquire King. Macklemore drops in for a guest rap verse on "Arrows" that works magically with the non-hip hop stylings of Fences. Mansfield has a knack for tapping into simple lyrics while still being entertaining and drawing in the listener. Conviction and emotion is what drives this stellar batch of songs. 

Fences recently visited Amoeba Hollywood to do a little record shopping. In this episode of "What's In My Bag," the eclectic foursome talk about their influences and some of their favorite albums. Christopher, a big fan of Lana Del Rey's aesthetic and style, starts the episode with her latest, Ultraviolenceon vinyl. Elliot follows with the dark death metal of Vexovoid by Australia's Portal. Ben digs up a Lee Hazlewood compilation, The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backside on vinyl. Lindsey cops the new Ryan Adams self-titled LP and jokes about trying to replicate his messy hairstyle on the album cover. It's amazing to see how varied their influences are, yet they play such beautiful music together.

Watch the full episode to see all their great picks:

Fences - What's In My Bag?
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Back in 2011 Fences performed an intimate show for our Green Room Sessions. Watch this performance of "The Same Tattoos" from their self-titled debut album. 

Fences -  The Same Tattoos (Amoeba Green Room Session)
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