Album Picks: Colleen Green, Torche, THEESatisfaction

Posted by Billy Gil, February 24, 2015 10:55am | Post a Comment

Colleen Green - I Want to Grow Up

Colleen Green details major life upsets as she faces the end of her 30s on her new album, I Want to Grow Up. From breakups to digitally addled attention spans, Green’s power-pop panache makes quarterlife crises go down smoothly on hooky songs like “Pay Attention” and girl-groupish “Wild One.” “I’m so sick of being self-absorbed,” Green sings on the title track, yet she’s so good at communicating that sense of staring at the ceiling and chastising yourself that we can’t help but be hooked on her particular brand of sugary anxiety. She writes a catchy ode to getting clean and going to bed early with “Things That Are Bad for Me” and then follows it up with another track about wanting to get fucked up on the drone-rocking “part 2,” summing up a sentiment on this album we can all relate to: I’m gonna get it together, maybe tomorrow. Read more about I Want to Grow Up in our interview with Green here. See her live at Amoeba Hollywood today at 7 p.m.!


Torche - Restarter

Torche's latest sludge-metal opus is one of their best. Bone-crushing riffs dig slowly like knives in the dirt. They're at the best in the metallic trenches, but when the band does come up for air, the results can be surprisingly bright, as on the track "Minions."


THEESatisfaction - Earthee

Sub Pop has one hip-hop group, Shabazz Palaces, and one R&B group, THEESatisfaction, and they're both fucking awesome. THEESatisfaction's songs wander more than grab you instantly, but the high you get from the swirling psych-soul of tracks like "Fetch/Catch" lasts much longer. Check out the eerie "Recognition" for a taste.


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