SF Hip-Hop Renaissance Man Friscasso The Jeweler Kicks Off 2015 With Anticipated Album

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After diligently been on the grind behind the scenes for the past dozen years multi-talented Bay Area hip-hop renaissance man Friscasso The Jeweler readies to take his place in the spotlight in 2015 with the release of his anticipated brand new, long-awaited, official debut album If You Buyin I'm Sellin (available in the Bay Area Amoeba stores care of Bay Game Records) on which he displays his rap skills alongside an impressive array of guests including The Jacka,  Killa Tay, and Matt Blaque. Among the strong album songs are such standout tracks as "Poed Up," "We Warriors," and the title track which is produced by Nasty Music - one of the numerous producers who contribute to the 14 track full-length (among the many others are J-Moe, SF Traxxx, Beat Goods, and Sean Fong Beats - hence the refreshingly diverse sound to the album).

While Friscasso The Jeweler may be a new name to some rap fans, those truly into Bay Area rap are already familiar with him thanks to his decade-strong history of tirelessly contributing behind the scenes to the vibrant Bay Area hip-hop/rap music world. This the multi-talented individual has done in various capacities: with his talents, in addition to rapper, including that of jeweler, tattooer, clothing designer, and car airbrush artist.  Indeed Friscasso The Jeweler is truly a renaissance man/talented Bay rapper. And it is as rapper that many already know of him via his long list of MC contributions to numerous high-profile rap releases over the past decade that include his contributions to 17 Wit A Thizz.  Meanwhile behind the scenes Friscasso has been applying his myriad of non-mic skills - from tattooing, to T-shirt designing / manufacturing, to custom jewelry making. All of this he has worked on with such SF/Bay rap players as Mac Mall, Black C, Mistah F.A.B., Lee Majors, and Big Rich.  As if making up for lost time Friscasso The Jeweler is unleashing two full-length rap releases (this official debut album plus a second full-length mixtape release) in 2015. These follow such already released popular Friscasso tracks from the past couple of years as "Poe'd Up" featuring The Jacka (included on If You Buying I'm Sellin), and his killer CD single / 49ers rap anthem "Sons Of Harbaugh," that created a buzz with both Niners fans and rap fans.

Throughout If You Buyin I'm Sellin Friscasso unleashed his distinct raspy rap flow and his gift for narrating gritty SF street stories - a skill he's honed over the past decade on others' albums. These include many from the mid to late 2000's during the peak of the Thizz Nation movement when he made cameos on such compilations as 17 Wit A Thizz, Thizzed Out, Miami and The Nation Of Thizzlam,  Treal TV: Thizz Latin, and the 2008 release Goldtoes Presents: The Best of Black-N-Brown, Vol. 2. Then in 2011 he guested on Chosen & Matt Blaque - Live From The Trap: Duffle Bag Music.  However it is only now in 2015 that Friscasso The Jeweler is finally turning his focus to getting his own music out in a major way. He is more than ready, he says. "I love music. It's in me: 11/5, RBL Posse, Andre Nickatina -  all their albums I grew up on," said Friscasso, addressing his endless passion for Bay Area rap music and his determination to carry on the legacy of his city. "I just want to make good music," he said, quickly adding that, "I love all types of art and to me they all come from the same place." That place is one of bountiful creativity that Friscasso can flip towards any artistic endeavor he undertakes: from custom jewelry making to rap music recording - it is all similar to the diverse artist. Friscasso has done tattoos for such rap artists as Mousie from 17 Reasons, and C Fresh from I.M.P. and done custom jewelry for the likes of  Kilo Curt, Miami The Most, J-Diggs, Turf Talk, and Cellski to name but a few. "It all ties in together; hip-hop affects everything - it all ties in," he said of the creative aspect adding from a business perspective that, "I network whenever I can: people always want jewelry and artists always need T-shirts."

As a design artist - from T's to tattoos - Friscasso discovered his talents while still in his teens starting out doing "Frisco," "Mission," and "SF" designs. The young entrepeneur even created his own clothing line called Frisco Mob Gear from which he took the profits he earned to reinvest in his burgeoning business. In addition to airbrushing shirts Friscasso has done murals and cars. From clothing Friscasso saw jewelry design as the natural next step. (See the above video for a nice visual overview of his craft).  But first he had to go to register at the Instituto Familiar de la Raza in the Mission to take an intensive course in the craft of jewelry making. "The first thing I ever made was 20 brass buttons. That's all I needed - the basics - and next thing you know I'm going jewelry crazy," he chuckled in retrospect. "I started out making myself a custom gold San Francisco Giants earring. Next thing I did was make "Mission," "415," "650," and "Mob" earrings and I paid somebody to cast, ya know reproduce, them in 14kt gold. Then I went out in the hood and started promoting and selling them. It was on. I had the whole hood hitting me for custom earrings. After that I just moved forward and kept hustling and investing in both jewelry equipment and silk screen equipment and next thing you know I took some dough and I bought a tattoo kit," recalled the natural born businessman.

For his new album and its corresponding mixtape Friscasso has enlisted various talented producers including SF Traxx (who did the production for "Sons Of Harbaugh"), The Legion, and DJ Blaze who he calls "a young homie from the Mission who is coming up and is really good." For confirmation just listen to the two new album tracks "Tryna Make The Best (feat. Cutthroat & T Millz)" and Where You At (Featuring Tay Da Tay & Cutthroat)." As for working with Tay Da Tay he says that it is "a dream come true" to be able to work with artists he admires like the 11/5 member, adding that "I love the Bay Area and the music from here" he said coincidentally just as the album track "Viva La Trap" that addresses the subject of gentrification of The Mission District where he grew up.  "I love the Bay Area and its music and I just want to contribute to all that with If You Buyin I'm Sellin!"

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