So Many Wizards' Nima Kazerouni Talks Being in Four Bands Before Performance Jan. 29 at Amoeba Hollywood

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so many wizards amoebaSo Many Wizards frontman Nima Kazerouni is easily one of the hardest working guys in the L.A. music scene. Other than SMW, his long-running indie-pop project, he has another full-time band, Crown Plaza, and two more new ones. I asked Kazerouni about how he keeps it all straight before So Many Wizards’ show at Amoeba Hollywood Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. They’re handing out a split 7” at the show with Tennis System, as part of Converse Rubber Tracks’ free recording sessions for up-and-coming artists. They’ll also be signing their previous 7”, Night Chills, at the show.

So I heard you started a new band, Nectarine, and now you have GNTLMN, too, bringing the total to four (I think). Is that just to try out different directions, play with different people or something else?

Yeah, totally. Nectarine is a super fun new band that started with homegirl Allie Bumsted. We would just jam together and write songs on the fly in her Long Beach garage while drinking beers and coffee. It turned into a thing pretty naturally. GNTLMN, which is now officially called Others, is a two-piece electronic dream-pop project created with S.F. transplant and homegirl Natalia Rogovin. The two are totally different sounds, and I play different roles in each band. It’s a lot to juggle four bands, yes, but whatever, I love them all.

To what extent are your projects collaborative or solo?

All the projects are collaborative. So Many Wizards and Crown Plaza started as solo projects, but now they are fully developed bands with amazing members that put in their own valuable input.

“Night Chills” has kind of a new-wave surf vibe that seemed like a departure from some of your earlier work, is that a direction other new songs are taking, or more of a one-off?

“Night Chills” is definitely indicative of the sound the forthcoming album will have. We always had a surfy vibe, but it’s evolved over the years. We call it “dream punk.”

nima kazerouniWas that surreal to have a song ("Lose Your Mind," from Warm Nothing) on “New Girl”? How did that come about?

It was pretty cool to see our song on network TV in the way it was presented in “New Girl.” I didn’t think it would play for as long as it did and fit so well in that particular scene. Let’s just say we have friends and supporters that are very dear to us. We’re super grateful.

What can you tell us about the Converse Rubber Tracks song you did?

The song came out of a pretty shitty time for me. Heartbreak and loss—that sort of thing. It’s fast and driving and angsty for good reason. I think a lot of people will be able to identify with it. It’s called “Everybody Goes Away.”

What’s in store for 2015 with all your various projects?

2015 has already got my head spinning. Lots of exciting things in store. So Many Wizards just finished recording an album (Heavy Visions) that will be released later this year as well as a PART TIME PUNKS Session tape release via Lolipop Records. Super excited for people to hear both. OTHERS (frmly GNTLMN) is also hitting it pretty hard and we should have a release later this year. Nectarine will be heading into the studio to record our first demos. Crown Plaza recorded a Converse Rubber Tracks session several months ago that we’re in the process of completing. A new Crown Plaza music video will also be out soon. Super excited for all of it.

Can you make us a list of some of your favorite records?

These gems keep me company quite regularly:

Vashti Bunyan - Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

Solid Space - Space Museum

Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs

Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness

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