Top Five State of the Union Songs

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At 9pm Eastern time and 6pm Pacific time today (Jan 20th, 2015) President Barack Obama is scheduled to give his State of the Union (SOTU) speech that can be viewed on various TV stations as well as via the White House website stream. His sixth SOTU address and his first State of the Union address since Republicans took control of Congress,  this evening's address is likely to touch on such topics as the rebounding economy, increased taxing of the wealthy, the latest developments with Cuba, and the recent subject of the push to make community colleges free for students - as well as references to the many specially invited citizen guests in the house.

For more SOTU info visit the White House SOTU website page or check out the video below of the interview Obama on what to expect tonight - "Behind The Scenes: Sit Down with President Obama" that was uploaded yesterday. But ahead of that video are the Top Five "State of the Union" video song list with lyric excerpts from each song to get take on where they're coming from that range from punk to classic rock to folk and dub.

Rise Against "State of the Union (Live)"

#1: Rise Against's "State of the Union" song, which was the opening track off the Chicago hardcore punk outfit's 2004 album Siren Song of the Counter Culture, was - as the intro to the live performance above indicates - a vehemently anti George W Bush and his war song; a fact further proven by such no holds barred song lyrics as: "Reads war torn country still a mess The words, power, death, and distorted truth Are read between the lines of the red, white, and blue Countdown to the very end Equality, an invitation that we wont extend Ready aim, pull the trigger now Its time you firmly secure your place in hell"

                                Chicago "State of the Union (live in Japan, 1972)"

#2: Chicago's "State of The Union" (culled from 1972's Chicago V) lyrics include "I was talking 'bout the state of the union How there's no one now in power thinking of me I was saying how we ought to try to fix it Find a leader who is not afraid to be Then a voice came out of the darkness Saying "Tear the system down" Tear it down"

Thievery Corporation's "The State Of The Union" (2002)

#3: Thievery Corporation's "The State of the Union" is their downtempo, dub-heavy release that can be found on their 2002 album The Richest Man in Babylon and sports such lyrics as: "People in the misery Government or work or government It makes a mockery Respect to the youths When they're in front and all dem back a me Why you don't treat them like the way you should It's like you wants the people to kill And fire gunshots and burn buildings to hell No, after that you aren't gonna treat me well It's like you have the people under a spell, Mr Devil Talking to the people in the congress A we vote you in, so you better do you best because ... After that there's no contest It's the state of the union address"

Richard Shindell "State of the Union (live at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, 2007)"

#4: Richard Shindell's "State of the Union" from the Buenos Aires based contemporary folk artist's 2009 album Not Far Now with such lyrics as: "At the half-way house we're all sitting around Watching the State of the Union And I'm rolling that stone right back up the hill Watching out for the shit coming down The President's up there grining that grin Thinking he's some kind of John Wayne We're howling and jeering all his talk about shooting And drilling our way out of this"

David Ford's "State Of The Union" (2005)

#5: David Ford's "State Of The Union" was the British singer-songwriter's 2005 debut single on CD/7" formats through Independiente Records and later on his debut album I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused and includes these sample lyrics: "We are lost, we are lost, we are lost
Have no fear of the state of the nation. Let the facts have no bearing on public relations
It's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame"

Behind The Scenes: A State of the Union Sit-Down with President Obama (2015)

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