Rest In Peace "Lord Of Garbage" Kim Fowley

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Kim Fowley: Garbage Man in A Vinyl Wonderland

Sad news surfaced earlier today that producer, musician, writer, manager, and music impressario extraordinaire Kim Fowley died as a result of bladder cancer. He was 75 years old. While he was a tireless artist and part of the music world for five decades with stacks of records credited to him in varying capacities, Kim Fowley will best be remembered as an integral part of the LA music scene of the sixties and seventies including, most notably, being the producer and promoter/ambassador of The Runaways.

The animated and passionate Fowley remained active right up until very recently, even working with Little Steven on his 

weekend Sirius XM satellite radio show Underground Garage until just last week. Two years ago his book Lord Of Garbage was published by Kicks Books. The engaging video above (Kim Fowley: Garbage Man in a Vinyl Wonderland) is the book's corresponding video in which the aging but never relenting rocker shares his inspiring insights, memories, and love of the grooves and music, citing his "favorite record of all time" as Jerry Lee Lewis' "High School Confidential," which "tied with" several others. The 43 minute low budget video includes Fowley going through his record collection (his own and others) and sharing insights on his life and his love of rock & roll (even his sales pitch to sell said records). It's really really good and worth watching for a sense of who Kim Fowley was.

A prolific musician and writer himself, it was playing the role of ambassador to other musicians and that of talent scout that Fowley truly shined. In fact, the man who worked in different capacities with so many different burgeoning artists (such as producer of pre-album demo recordings for Jonathon Richman's proto-punkers The Modern Lovers in 1972) was seen by many as somewhat of a visionary as he seemed to have his finger on the pulse of what was about to happen next. For example, before anyone really knew who Cat Stevens was, Fowley was touting his talents to the unschooled. In 1975, he was instrumental in the formation of a teen girl band The Runaways. Along with the Runaways' track and Fowley's own mid-sixties tribute song to LSD, are a selection of other videos by artists below that were somehow connected through recordings to the rock music biz icon that was Kim Fowley.


“Alley Oop” (1960) by studio musician band The Hollywood Argyles was a #1 pop single
that Kim Fowley co-produced.

"The Trip" Kim Fowley (1965) was his own recording/song tribute to LSD 

"Wanted Dead or Alive" (1969) was the title track of Warren Zevon's debut album
and one that Kim Fowley co-wrote

Modern Lovers "Walk up the Street" (1972) early demo produced by Kim Fowley

The Runaways "Cherry Bomb" (1976) - opening track of their self-titled debut album that
was produced in full by Kim Fowley

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