Hip-Hop History Tuesdays: April 1992 KUSF Top 30 Hip-Hop Chart

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Just dug up the Top 30 airplay chart (left) from 23 years ago from the weekly KUSF FM  hip-hop radio show I did at that time on the beloved, now sadly defunct San Francisco radio station that used to reign supreme at 90.3FM. The radio show I did was on Sunday evenings after the Spotlight guest DJ feature program and before The Germ's demo tape show. It was a good time in the history of hip-hop when the genre was still in its so-called "golden era" epitomized by artists like 3rd Bass, Black Sheep, and Gang Starr and by such releases as Showbiz & AG's Soul Clap EP, Ultramagnetic MCs' Funk Your Head Up album (with the single "Poppa Large"), and A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory which even though it was released seven months earlier was still getting airplay due to the sheer quality of its content - every track on point - examples including "Buggin' Out," "Butter," "Check The Rhime," "Show Buiness," and "Jazz (We Got)." 

Other golden era classic tracks included on this chart are House of Pain's breakout crossover hit "Jump Around," the Beastie Boys' "Pass The Mic," and Main Source's "Fakin' The Funk." The accompanying video for that song, in which the lyrics even reference "the year of 92," can be seen below. As is evident from the video the song was used on the soundtrack to the film White Men Can't Jump that was released at that same time. Another rap heavy soundtrack included on this chart is the excellent Juice OST that got released  a few months earlier and included tracks from such acts as Eric B. & RakimEPMD, Cypress Hill, and Naugthy By Nature - but oddly not Tupac Shakur who starred in the movie and had just released his solo debut 2Pacalaypse Now. As well as the Bay Area based 2Pac there were some other Bay Area artists associated with the movie - well with the excellent soundtrack specifically. These included producer Ant Banks as well as Too $hort, and MC Pooh. The latter artist who also went by the name Pooh-Man is separately featured on this chart with the single "Funky."

Other Bay Area artists included on the 1992 Top 30 chart included the pioneering psychedelic hip-hop duo Mod Squad from Berkeley who were briefly signed to Priority Records, San Francisco's Midnight Voices featuring among its lineup Mohammad Bilal who two years later would become widely known for his role in the original third (San Francisco) series of the MTV produced reality show The Real World, the late great Mac Dre in the pre-prison/pre-hyphy era stage of his career, and Oakland emcee Father Dom who was down with Too $hort's Dangerous Crew and who would later change his name to Goldy.  Other Bay Area releases on the chart included an advance of East Bay rapper Spice-1's self-titled album, the Digital Underground spin-off group F-1 Network, Sway & Tech's All City Productions, the DJ/producer tool Bulldog Breaks released by Fog City, and the still active Concord rapper Chill E. B. with the song "Menace To Society" (see video below),

Chill E.B. "Menace To Society" (1992)

Main Source "Fakin' The Funk" (1992)

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