Golden Era Hip-Hop Star Cool C Granted Stay of Execution

Posted by Billyjam, January 8, 2015 11:10pm | Post a Comment
For much of yesterday social media was abuzz with the news that hip-hop golden era star Cool C, the Philly rapper born Christopher Roney, would be executed for the two-decades old charge of first-degree murder of a Philadelphia police officer in a 1996 failed PNC Bank robbery in the Pennsylvania city.  It was a tragic tale of a once famous artist, one who back in the late 80's was signed to Atlantic Records and rapped about "The Glamorous Life" (see video below), but who today (January 8th 2015) following nineteen years in prison after been sentenced to death was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection. Note that back in 2006 he was originally scheduled to be executed but due to litigation issues had that fate postponed. Fast forward to last month and the rapper, who committed the attempted 1996 bank robbery with fellow 80's Philly rap star Steady B and another rap colleague of theirs born Ernest Mark Canty (they both got life without parole for their parts in the failed heist), was set to be executed but due to a last minute stay of execution once again had it postponed  - but not for long.  Then late yesterday word surfaced in the evening that Cool C had been granted a second stay of execution. In the meantime in the comments of news sites and on social media there were endless emotional posts and comments - many mostly by those who were not familiar with the music of Cool C - with the majority taking a vocal stand against the "cop killer," "s "thug" etc. for killing a police officer. That prevalent outrage and distaste toward the 45 year old Cool C, who during the 1996 botched bank robbery shot and killed single mother of two Philadelphia police officer Lauretha Vaird, comes at a time when emotions are high in regards to attacks on police with political stances more polarized than ever.

Of those in the minority who were sympathetic towards Cool C's plight most, who seemed to be fans or at least familiar with his music, expressed sadness at how his (and Steady B's) once successful music careers of being signed to a major label had ended in them becoming criminals. Also noted in many of the sympathetic comments I read was how tragic a tale it was of how someone talented had made such "poor life decisions" to end on the path he did.  I agree with that sentiment and still enjoy the music of both Cool C and Steady B along with all the other great artists that came from Philadelphia in the 80's. So rather than make any moral statements I simply wish to celebrate their music. So below are the two videos from Cool C's 1989 album I Gotta Habit: the title track and "Glamorous Life." Also below is Steady B's 1988 KRS-One produced "Serious."

Cool C "I Got A Habit"

Steady B "Serious"

Cool C "The Glamorous Life"

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