Ghostface Killah's "36 Seasons"

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A popular album at Amoeba Music since its release four weeks ago is Ghostface Killah's latest release, 36 Seasons (Salvation/Tommy Boy), which is the Wu-Tang Clan artist's eleventh solo studio album release since he unleashed his debut solo (the RZA-produced Ironman) back in 1996. It is the artist's latest since last year's Adrian Younge-produced Twelve Reasons To Die. For 36 Seasons, Ghostface collaborated in the studio with Brooklyn-based production outfit The Revelations.

The result is an album that has met positive feedback from fans who love it, with many even considering it the artist's best solo work to date. Alternately, those who have dissed it call it unoriginal and claim that the artist is merely going through the motions and regurgitating past formulas. I see where they are coming from but I disagree. I love how Ghostface continues to demonstrate what a gifted storyteller he is. With the help of album collaborators such as Kool G Rap and AZ, he weaves intriguing tales all tied into the album's theme of a returning hip-hop superhero to his rough and rugged streets of Staten Island following beeing away for 36 seasons (nine years). 

14 tracks in length, the new album boasts such tracks as "Love Don't Live Here No More" that features R&B singer Kandace Springs who also guests on "Bamboo's Lament."  The singer appears in the video above along with Michael K Williams of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire fame, and Ghostface Killah who is seen at one point reading an Iron Man comic. Ghostface Killah, who is also known as Tony Starks, has long had a close affiliation with the Marvel Comics character Tony Stark as Iron Man - (his first solo album was even entitled Ironman - albeit one word versus two in the comic book). In 2011, this resulted in legal woes for the rapper when he (and Universal Music) were sued for unpaid royalties and copyright violation by Jack Urbont for "improper use" of Urbont's 1960's "Iron Man" theme song sampled on the 2000 Ghostface Killah solo album Supreme Clientele.  Just two months ago, three years after it began, that case came to a close with Urbont winning when the rapper failed to show up in court.

Ghostface Killah ft. Kandace Springs - Love Don't Live Here No More

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