New "What's In My Bag?" Episode With London's Fat White Family

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Fat White Family

Some might say The Fat White Family is British rock & roll's final hurrah. On or off stage the South London rockers give it to you straight. No sugar coating, no beating around the bush, no gimmicks. Just Fat Whiteone hundred percent pure, unadulturated, in your face rock and roll. Their wild stage antics and blunt anti-elitist views excite fans and leave others confused. Unfazed by the lure of fame and the rock star status most indie bands dream of, The Fat White Family only care about staying true to their own beliefs, no matter how unconventional or far left they may come off. From squatting to couch surfing to befriending and shacking up with Sean Lennon, The Fat White Family have come a long way in a short amount of time.

After releasing their debut album, Champagne Holocaust (Fat Possum, 2014) and touring relentlessly, the band was recently named one of NME's "50 New Bands to Watch in 2015" and appeared on the cover with the headline "The Most Dangerous Band in Britain." The group is currently working on their second album in New York, with a little help from co-producer Sean Lennon. How many new bands can say they used John Lennon's gear on their record? Pretty freaking awesome.   

Vocalist Lias Saoudi, guitarist Saul Adamczewski, and drummer Jack Everett visited Amoeba Hollywood on a recent dig and shared their findings with our What's In My Bag? cameras. Saul starts off with a copy of the graphic novel, Maus II, by cartoonist Art Spiegelman. The story chronicles the experience of a Polish Jew and his survival of the Holocaust. Lias finds a copy of The Gun Club's Fire of Love on vinyl and follows it up with a copy of C'est Chic , a collection of French female singers from the '60s, for "that light continental kind of vibe." Jack selects a compilation of South African new wave in Shangaan Electro. Watch the full episode below for all their cool picks!  

The Fat White Family - What's In My Bag?
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