Amoeba SF's Best In-Store Shows of 2014

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By Brent James, Amoeba SF Event Coordinator

When I took over the position of Event Coordinator for the San Francisco Amoeba store, of course I was more than thrilled to be able to work alongside many artists in the music business that i've admired for so many years. I was ecstatic to help promote and produce the amazing live shows that have become synonymous with Amoeba Music. Most of all, however, I was excited to discover new artists and acts. Things that otherwise might pass me by in the normal course of a day! The following list is compiled of the performances this year that most stood out to me. Sure, I was aware of a few of them, but for the most part I walked away from these shows with a fresh perspective of what they're trying to say and as a new fan. I'm already looking forward to writing this list next year...Cheers!

5. STRAND OF OAKS, Saturday August 30, 2014
At this very early-in-the-tour performance, SOA performed songs from their album Heal. The crowd watched with admiration as Tim Showalter and company preached with songs that were reminiscent of early Bob Seger or even Springsteen. Perfect show for a beautiful Saturday!

Strand of Oaks

4. THE DRUMS, Friday October 4, 2014
One of those days where we suddenly have a crowd of 400 screaming teenagers pogo dancing to their electronic idols! They knew all the words, they had all the records. Solid touring band, but the kids were there to see Jonny and Jacob and were NOT disappointed! The Drums worked the crowd into a frenzy and left them wanting more. Check out their newest LP, Encyclopedia.

The Drums

3. MAC DeMARCO, Wednesday July 9, 2014
This was my first "big" show as Event Coordinator. It was just us: Mac, me, and 700 adoring fans! The crowd was treated to an hour-long set that mixed selections from Mac's records (including his latest - Salad Days) as well as a few cheeky covers. Perfect gentlemen, I would welcome Mac and crew back anytime!

Mac DeMarco

2. JOEL GION AND THE PRIMARY COLOURS, Wednesday August 20, 2014
This one was extra special due to the fact that not only did we have the Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine man in the house, but Mr. Gion is also an ex-Amoebite! That's right, this show was a homecoming of sorts for Joel, who used to be a buyer at Amoeba SF! Backed by a new, tight, and totally groovy band, Joel Gion and the Primary Colours served up a psychedelic smorgasbord of treats from their newest LP, Apple Bonkers.

Joel Gion And The Primary Colours

1. FAITH NO MORE, Friday November 28, 2014
Finally, we hosted Bay Area favorites Faith No More on Black Friday for a super "secret" in-store. The performance was announced only four hours prior to showtime, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Over 650 people poured into Amoeba SF to watch the recently reunited supergroup tear through some old favorites and perform a slew of new tunes like the single "Motherfucker," which was released as a 7" as a part of the Black Friday Record Store Day roster of exclusive releases. The single sold out immediately, the band sounded fresh as can be, and everyone had a good time!

Faith No More

As I stated before, I can only imagine how fun writing this list will be next year! Thanks to my family at ALL of the Amoeba stores and to the fans who keep the dream alive!
Happy Holidays,
Brent James

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