Hip-Hop Rap-Up: Serengeti, Hail Mary Mallon, Domo Genesis, Kounterclockwise, Wara from the NBHD, Jon Dubb, Mac Jeff

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This week's report will be a run-down of the new and soon to drop new hip-hop starting with Chicago emcee Serengeti's latest album Kenny Dennis III - to arrive in Amoeba next week (November 11th) in both CD and double vinyl formats care of Joyful Noise Recordings - one of about ten different labels that the ever prolific artist has unleashed his 20-plus releases (LPs and some EPs) spanning a busy dozen years dating back to his 2002 debut Dirty Flamingo on F5 Records. Although no longer with Anticon (this time - he'll likely be back again) he's wisely enlisted the production help again of Jel and Odd Nosdam for the album that was produced in Berkeley, CA. I will go into full detail in the coming week with a dedicated Amoeblog on this absolutely incredible, must-get, latest Serengeti release. But in summation briefly for now: it is a brilliant creation that continues the trials and travails of his hilarious "Kenny Dennis" alter ego character with narration help from Anders Holm (known as one third of the hilarious Workaholics collective from Comedy Central) who contributes to about half the album tracks. Below you will find the animated video for the album track "Win Big" that features both Holms and Serengeti in full-on skit/narration mode. Note that to fully enjoy this album you really have to listen to it in its entirety and in its presented sequence. Pick up the new Kenny Dennis III at Amoeba next week.

Also arriving in Amoeba next week will the latest album from Hail Mary Mallon - aka the hip-hop power duo comprised of Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic along with DJ Big Wiz supplying the cuts and scratches- who return after three long years with the 14 track Bestiary that is being released via Rhymesayers Entertainment in both CD and vinyl formats. The album, that features the opening track and lead single "Jonathan" (video below), does not disappoint and would make a great purchase pairing with the just released new Run The Jewels 2 album (also avail as a double vinyl release) from fellow power duo of El-P and Killer Mike.

VA emcee Jon Dubb is back with the second installment of his RBC Records debut with a new single and video titled "Lyrical Pump" featuring longtime lyricist Canibus. It's culled from the full-length Leilana May Project that has a lot of big name features including Kool G Rap, label mate Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Clan, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and the aforementioned Canibus. Like Serengeti's new album it is slated for a November 11th 2014 release date.

Other new releases include NYC lyricist Hus Kingpin whose latest is the 27 track album Nahright Hype that features guest appearances from SmooVth, Marvelous Mag, TriState of Durag Dynasty, and others on the mic while production duties are handled by the likes of DJ House Shoes, and Frank The Butcher. Another new release is Mac Jeff's JC produced single "World I'm Going All In" featuring the L-Love single,  and the Palmetto Fresh DJ Drama hosted Gangsta Grills album containing the "Ring On It" single.

Hail Mary Mallon "Jonathan" (2014)

Serengeti "Win Big" (2014)

Kounterclockwise "Cosmonaut Rock" (2014)

In addition to the new Hail Mary Mallon and Serengeti videos above is the latest video (also animation) from mid west "krip-hop" act Kounterclockwise, who were profiled on the Amoeblog a few years back. Meanwhile - sans new video - Domo Genesis of Odd Future fame this week premiered his new Under The Influence 2 mixtape via Odd Future Radio with mix tape special guest artists including both fellow OFWGKTA members and others. The 14 track mix tape guest list includes Mac Miller, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, IAMSU!, and Tay Walker and is now available to stream and download via Soundcloud. Note that Domo (as well as most of those guesting on his new mix) will be performing this weekend at the 3rd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival happening Saturday, November 8th, at The Park at L.A. Coliseum.

An all ages event that begins at 2pm with a bill that features Pharrell Williams, Mac Miller, Tyler, The Creator, Rick Ross, Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, Murs, The Grouch & Eligh, Step Brothers, Freddie Gibbs, and many more. Located at 3939 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037 with tix for all day event starting at $75. Advance tix and info.

Wara From the NBHD "Raw (feat. GrandeMarshall)" (2014)

Above is the brand new video for the nineties throwback sounding hip-hop song "Raw" from Atlanta via Brooklyn artist Wara from the NBHD's debut album, Kidnapped, that features a guest verse from Fool's Gold artist GrandeMarshall. The video, which was filmed in the North Bronx, is styled like a scene from Grand Theft Auto. In interviews the artist, who is both rapper and producer, has stated that his primary goal in hip-hop is to "bring back the art form" which, well meaning as it may be and talented as the artist may be, is one of those futile short-sighted, overly ambitious statements that only a novice would dare make.

Tonight and tomorrow (November 7th and 8th) at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is the retro hip-hop event Clas/sick Hip-Hop: 1993 Edition that celebrates the final year of hip-hop's so-called Golden Era with large scale production. Read Amoeblog preview.  And finally I leave you with a great flyer I saw this week on a lamp post in mid Manhattan with the hashtag #SaveLiveHipHop from boombapacrossthemap that addresses the issue of too many modern day emcees in concert rapping over their vocal tracks rather than instrumental versions calling it "lazy" and "unacceptable" and referencing the hip-hop emcee icons Nas and Rakim who undoubtedly would not approve of this practice.


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