Bay Area Political Rapper Paris Returns With Powerful Anti-Police Brutality Message

Posted by Billyjam, November 27, 2014 06:06am | Post a Comment

Paris "Night of the Long Knives" (2014)

It seems like longtime outspoken Bay Area political hip-hop artist Paris always shows up at key moments in America's socio-political timeline. Last time we heard from Paris was right before the presidential election six years ago at the end of two terms of George W Bush whose father he had written/recorded the controversial song about ("Bush Killa") that back in the early 90's had gotten him kicked off the Time Warner controlled Tommy Boy Records. That last time was when he released 2008's Acid Reflex and talked to me at that time (read Paris 2008 Amoeblog interview here) in which he had lots to say about the state of America. This time, right as the country is in upheaval in reaction to police officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown / Ferguson killing not being indicted by a grand jury, Paris returns with a no-holds-barred statement on the current state of the US as "police state" in which he views police brutality against minorities as the "increasing acceptance of black death" with the first single and video "Night of the Long Knives" (above) culled from his forthcoming album, Pistol Politics.

With lyrics like "No more speeches, candles, no marchin' no more grievin' parents. No Sharpton No more calls for peace, let's spark it and ride on these pigs till the wheels fall off" Paris' viewpoint is straightforward, leaving little to the imagination as it taps into a feeling of frustration felt by many in America today. No doubt the artist's longtime arch rivals/opponents like Fox News will take the bait and give him free publicity for the song from his 2015 album that he is already primed to defend. "Of course, I'm not glorifying senseless violence against the police. But I am condemning the plague of brutality against members of the black community. And I'm advocating the protecting of oneself in the face of unwarranted aggression. It's sad that people in opposition to this message are never upset about its actual causes -- only the effects. They never decry the racism and classism that's at the heart of it all," Paris said in a prepared statement this week.

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