New Vinyl and CD Releases At Amoeba Hollywood 11/14 - Jacques Renault, Nicuri, Bookworms and more!

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VA - Tokyo Impressions

Various Artists

Tokyo Impressions 12"

Junk Yard Connections

So the story goes like this -- Mr. Tophat was shopping at Tokyo's vaunted vinyl output Diskunion and sees a fellow shopper carrying his record. He strikes up a conversation and eventually receives these excellent tracks, excellent house from an island that's still mysterious to many. The real highlight here is Butagoya an ace Detroit beatdown style roller with an odd jazz break in the middle. The final track, Kauboihatto by Okita Takamori is a cool martial post-punk bit.

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Jacques Renault - Out Of Sync EPJacques Renault

Out of Sync 12"

Let's Play House

The New York producer and DJ comes out swinging on this one, with the help of analog guru Andy Meecham (Emperor Machine)I Like It is a warm yet alarmist house track, with a big fat analog bassline and detuned piano break. "Make Up's" got a totally convincing italo-arpeggio, which Renault bones out as the track does on -- equally pretty and functional. "M.A.N.'s" more in a '90s, Nu Groove style way, Burrell style catchy deepness.

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Division Point 12"

Finale Sessions

The young New York producer knows what's he's doing. With cosigns from Fred PAnton Zap and now Finale's Michael Zucker you may have a good idea of what to expect here -- hypnotic, dubby house tracks. Jordan adds a tasteful minimalism and soundsystem focus to the equation. On the opener, "Night Mask", panned synths and unintelligible vocal samples float in and out of the mix over an insistent bass line and house beat. Eventually some crisp house percussion and dub touches puts the icing on. The title track is all atmospheric synth interplay in a contemplative, sad/hopeful mood, quite beautiful proof that Jordan's one to watch.

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The It - Somebody SomewhereThe It

Somebody, Somewhere 12"

Alleviated Records

Jungle Wonz + Larry Heard on some deep, slightly acidic jams. If you need to read on, I'll say that this is certainly the product of a recessionary America. Jungle Wonz (a.k.a. Harry Dennis's) poetry is not far from the Gil Scott Heron's incisive dreaming, and Heard just reaffirms his national treasure status. "Beauty In A Picture" backs Dennis' reflection on art and perception with some rolling hand percussion and some minimal piano touches to devastating effect. Dance music with a message.

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Shine 12"


Refreshing percussive techno blasts from the French producer. This isn't messing around, straight to it with the "Red Dance" rhythm, a clanking, massive thing that will anchor any late night set. "Worship The Bass" is bottom-heavy computer madness, a robotic two-note melody riding a massive kick that's eventually doubled-up. Marcelus does serve up a proper B-side after the immolating start. The title track cleverly layers what sounds like a rusty bell chorus with dubby atmosphere and low-end. It all becomes rather euphoric with some subtle angelic synths creeping in about halfway through. Ethereal, pretty, punishing vibes on one slab of wax.

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Neel - Phobos


Phobos CD

Phobos LP

The respected mastering engineer and one-half of Voices from the Lake emerges with his first full-length statement, and it's a doozy. Phobos is an hour-long ambient dedication to the doomed Martian moon. The sound design is impeccable, the label urges the listener to "play it well" not just loud. 40 minutes of dark ambience emerge into a revelatory burst of strings and finally, a delayed kick. Phobos rewards patient listening, it's a throwback to audiophile records and a time when we weren't fighting distraction from streams and feeds all day and night long. An out-of-body experience of a record.

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High on Wye Quintet

High on Wye Quintet

Haford Jams 12"


After a seeming eternity in the box, there's been a cool trend towards live jamming in electronic music. The ruling theme of minimalism over the last 10-15 years of dance music keeps these units from entering indulgent, cheesy territory. In the underground, this charge is led by Juju & Jordash and Move D, both of whom appear hear on the Freerotation festival's new imprint. Lovely ambient house textures which culminate in "No Bones Jones" with some space rock guitar which blends into womblike synth. It all coalesces into an outre groove, with small percussive elements being added in real time. Tune in, turn on...

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Compact Visual Nature 12"


Bookworms, a.k.a. Nicholas Dawson, has burrowed deeper into hardware techno following the release of his excellent L.I.E.S. debut "African Rhythms". This machine mastery reaches it's height to date on "Compact Visual Nature". In a way, this material isn't far from his early work in that it drags a hypnotic melody over the course of an entire track. The difference here is that he evidences a love for Chain Reaction dub techno on "Location Unavailable", for Omar S's roughewn grace on "Outdoor" and plenty more excellent dance music while remaining his own dude. A new day, a new Bookworms.

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Torn Hawk -Let's Cry

Torn Hawk

Let's Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time CD

Mexican Summer

It's really a testament to how wide-open 2014 is that Torn Hawk's music has the opportunity to reach such a wide audience. The project of Brooklyn video artist Luke Wyatt, Torn Hawk is shambolic, Durutti Column inflected lo-fi disco not disco. The best tracks here, such as "Under Wolf Rule" seem to soundtrack a lost-VHS with his own blurry read on John Carpenter . It's also quite hopeful, with much melodic soul searching over corroded beats.

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Joey Anderson, Nicuri - SpectrumJoey Anderson, Nicuri

Spectrum EP

Sound Theories

Nicuri's the next out of New York's abstract deep house scene, so it's only right that he gets his own label. He mints the imprint with an A-side from another producer in the midst of a big year, Jersey house mystic Joey Anderson. Joey's track is cool, but fittingly, Nicuri steals the show. "Somethin Late Last Night" is comprised of typical elements; square wave bass, string pads, jacking perc, even a diva vocal, but the arrangement is odd enough to make it feel incredibly novel. 

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