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Domino Records

For over twenty years, Domino Recording Co. has been one of the most celebrated and creative forces in the world of independent music. Founded in 1993, the London-based label started off by licensing works from acts signed to American record companies for release in the UK. Since that time, they've opened an office in Brooklyn and established the divisions Domino Deutschland and Domino France. Their stable of artists includes some of the most inventive, beloved and influential acts in music today, and we're delighted to welcome Domino to our family of digital labels available on! To celebrate, we've rounded up some of Domino's best releases from the past decade and a half, listed below in no particular order.

Arctic Monkeys AM

Arctic Monkeys - AM (2013) 

One of the biggest recent records here at the store, AM sees the band collaborating with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) on what he calls a "really cool, sexy, after-midnight record." This means Queens-style spooky grooving, melodic, laconic, druggy guitar solos, tired-drunk-guy crooning with falsetto doubling, and a shuffling, mid-tempo disco snark turned sneer in a nicer jacket a la someone like Jarvis Cocker's work with Pulp.

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Merriweather Post Pavilion

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009)

An ecstatic flight that's equal parts pulsing electro-disco and blissed-out Beach Boys-style ballads.Though they're singing like it's a Laurel Canyon jam, the music is largely bent and distorted and ring-modulated into liquid extraterrestrial pop. The end result is some of the most original, creative and wonderful music in recent years.

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Deep Fantasy

White Lung - Deep Fantasy (2014) 

Something of a departure from Domino's regular purveyors of Britpop and experimental pop, White Lung are a female-fronted hardcore punk rock band with heavy, steady rhythms, screeching guitars, and strangely catchy tunes.

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Walking With Thee

Clinic - Walking with Thee (2002)

With their surgical masks and scrubs, Clinic enveloped themselves in an air of mystery, while bringing back garage rock-style Hammond organs. Often filed under the post-punk revival category, this is a slightly weirder and darker foray into the most recent British Invasion.

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Keep On Your Mean Side

The Kills - Keep on Your Mean Side (2009)

The Kills' debut album brought sneering rock 'n' roll, leather jackets, and noisy garage rock back from its grunge-era hibernation.

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Bitte Orca

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca (2009)

When it came out in 2009, this experimental rock album was impossible to explain or categorize, and yet everyone was listening to it. It's avant-garde loosely tied to a more conventional pop structure.

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Loud City Song

Julia HolterLoud City Song (2013)

Holter's bold and unconventional chamber pop is cinematic, moving and somewhat strange, charting the waters first navigated by Scott Walker.

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In Conflict

Owen Pallett - In Conflict (2014)

Swooning strings, subtle dance beats and Pallett's yearning croon make his dark indie pop the perfect record for when the bars have let out and everyone has gone home. Special guest Brian Eno plays guitars, synths, and sings a bit, too.

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Anna Calvi One Breath

Anna Calvi - One Breath (2013)

Calvi's bold, swooping voice evokes a more rockin' Kate Bush on her Mercury Music Prize-nominated second album. It's art-rock with a subtle pop sensibility.

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Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action

Franz Ferdinand - Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (2013)

The post-punk revivalists' fourth album sees the band moving away from their original floor-stomping indie intensity and into the arena of dancerock without losing their trademark sneer and polish.

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Two honorable mentions go to Blood Orange and Cass McCombs. Producer Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) released Cupid Deluxe in 2013, which made many a staff member's Music We Like list. As our reviewer put it, "everything Hynes touches seems to be impossibly smooth, channeling memories of ’80s synth-funk and classic soul into something that feels undeniably modern." While Cass McCombs's 2013 double-full length album Big Wheel and Others shows his growth over seven albums into one of the foremost singer/songwriters of our generation.


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