New "What's In My Bag?" Episode With Macy Gray

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Macy Gray

Easily recognized by her natural afro, reminiscent of a young funky Betty Davis, Macy Gray is unmistakable. In the spring of 2000, Gray went from single mother of three, studying film at USC to international mega star. The world was introduced to Gray's trademark raspy vocals by her smash hit Macy Graysingle, "I Try." The song topped charts around the globe helping her debut album, On How Life Is (Epic Records), go triple platinum in the United States and sell seven million copies worldwide. Gray went on to launch a successful acting career co-starring alongside A-listers like Denzel Washington and Tobey Maguire. Six Grammy nominations later (winning 1), with multi-platium record sales and a bonafide acting career, Macy Gray continues to be as productive today as she was a decade ago.     

Aftr releasing The Sellout in 2010, Gray is back with her 6th studio album, The WayFor her latest production Gray partners with a revolving cast of collaborators, including the legendary Booker T Jones. The new album is out now on Gray's own label, Happy Mel Boopy Touring Co., and  is available on CD and download at Amoeba.  

Macy Gray recently visited Amoeba Hollywood and hung out with us for another episode of What's In My Bag?. A trekkie at heart, Macy starts things off with a Star Trek lunch box and muses about how helpful it would be to get beamed up. She also digs up a copy of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti's He Miss Road on vinyl. Citing Billie Holiday as an influence, Macy digs up a copy of Billie's Blues on vinyl. Her visit wouldn't be complete without scoring a few good film titles, including the Five Films collection by one of her favorite directors, John Cassavetes.

Watch the full episode below to see all her picks!    

Macy Gray - What's In My Bag? 
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