Weekly Roundup: Cozz & Effect, Cool Ghouls, Corners

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Cozz & Effect – “Cody Macc” video

cozz & effectSouth L.A. rapper Cozz & Effect is only 21 and just started seriously rapping last year, but he was good enough to land on J. Cole’s Dreamville label (via Interscope), who will release the young rapper’s debut, self-titled album on shelves Oct. 27. The video for his track “Cody Macc” sees Cozz rapping with increasing ferocity throughout an eerily empty Los Angeles, which kind of matches the solitary quality to the song’s production. Something about that combination of sounds and images makes this compelling, like he’s fighting for his life to be heard over the anonymity of an oppressively large city like L.A.


Cool Ghouls – “And It Grows”

Cool Ghouls are digging deeper into their native S.F. for the sound of their next record, mining the hippie Nuggets of yore to come up with their own garage spin on psychedelic pop. Following the excellent “The Mile,” now we’ve got “And It Grows,” which builds with thick twangy guitars and choral vocals until it unleashes a big, snaking riff over a smoldering groove. I’m lovin’ it. A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye is out Nov. 11 on Empty Cellar. Here’s my interview with them a while back.


Corners – “Love Letters” video

corners bandL.A.’s Corners craft nervy post-punk with ghostly vocals that croon desperately around the mix on “Love Letters.” The band’s Maxed Out on Distractions LP comes out Oct. 7 on Lolipop, a local label/store that has put out records by great garage/psych bands like Froth and The Lovely Bad Things but whose roster just seems to be getting fuller and more diverse. Corners will be at the Echo Oct. 10, Moon Block Party Oct. 19 (get tickets at Amoeba Hollywood!) and Oct. 25 at the Growlers’ Beach Goth Party. Watch the “Love Letters” video below via Buzzbands.


Shows This Weekend:

Friday: The War on Drugs, Cass McCombs and Senses Fail at the Fonda ($26)

Saturday: Slow Club and Roses at the Echo ($10)

Sunday: Terry Malts, Heaven and Literature at the Echo ($10)


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