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NYSOM #99 of 100: Earlier this month DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist kicked off their ongoing "Renegades of Rhythm" vinyl-only tour honoring Afrika Bambaataa's vast and influential record collection with two shows at NYC's Irving Plaza (after a stop in Boston) where my man Joe Conzo took the above photo of the two West Coast DJs who wore the perfectly appropriate matching T-shirts for the occasion with "DUMP" and "KOCH" emblazoned on the backs of them in a direct reference to the NYC era in which Bambaataa and hip-hop rose to fame in New York City. In keeping with this theme of that oft romanticized bygone era of a decidedly grittier and grungier New York City I've included a few other pics from NYC in the 70's and 80's in this second to final of a one hundred New York State of Mind Amoeblog series including one (left in 1981 taken by Bob Gruen) of The Clash when they visited NYC and (by the same wonderful photographer) one of The Ramones on the New York City subway. Others include one of the Beastie Boys from 1986 taken at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens by Sunny Bak. By the way the highly recommended ongoing records-only tour with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (whose t-shirts said "SURE" and "SHOT" on the other sides) will be stopping in the Bay Area this weekend with the tour when they play SF's Mezzanine on Saturday, October 4th. 

Speaking of photography and music there's just a few days left to the short running exhibit ONE LP at the Archive of Contemporary Music in Lower Manhattan. Happening in the ARC gallery space this exhibition is by British photographer William Ellis and includes fifty portraits of musicians holding up one of their favorite albums such as Jack Bruce (of Cream fame) holding his copy of Olivier Messiaen’s L’Ascension. According to the curator each artist with album portrait is accompanied by a short interview that "explores the album’s meaning and value for the subject, often offering a profound insight into influences and deep connections with the music of other artists. In some instances the record chosen sets the course of the musician’s life." The exhibit is free and all ages and ends on Friday. 11am to 5pm at ARChive of Contemporary Music, 54 White Street, ground floor. More info.

Eliot Lipp, who in two weeks will be releasing his new album Watch the Shadows, plays the Gramercy Theater at 127 East 23rd Street in Manhattan this Friday (October 3rd) with the Pretty Lights Music Keepin' It Crew (aka PLM Keepin It Crew) tour that features some of electronic music's finest talents including in addition to Lipp - Michal Menert, SuperVision and Paul Basic.

What makes this concert unique is that rather than each artist doing individual solo sets every artist will be on stage at the same time collaborating with each other - all the while simultaneously showcasing their own individual styles. More info.

Cat Power is among the artists at this weekend's (Saturday and Sunday) outdoor Modern Sky Festival at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park (near 69th and Fifth Ave) which is a Chinese themed (with some American artists too) event whose line up also includes The Both (that's the power duo of Aimee Mann and Ted Leo), Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰), Shuh Tou (舌头), and Queen Sea Big Shark (后海大鲨鱼). Tickets range in price. Get full info here.


Above is the latest video from the collective of merry pranksters that is the NYC founded Improv Everywhere group. Like their widely popular (and adapted in other cities round the globe) annual No Pants Subway prank, the annual Mp3 Experiment (now in its eleventh year) is a must-attend annual event for the group's army of followers. Created by founding member Charlie Todd along with Tyler Walker this latest "mission" - as they label their public pranks involved thousands of participants in Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park recently - all armed with mp3 players which all pressed simultaneously with headphones on to listen in sync to an mp3 file filled with ridiculous instructions. Part of these instructions involved color coordination exercises that were easy to follow since participants had been instructed in advance to dress in a single color that played into the experiment. One noticeable difference in the filming of this year's event was the addition of Go-Pro equipped drones to add a whole new perspective to the annual event.

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