New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/24 - Pixelife, Lauer, Mura Oka and more!

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Pixelife - Waves Of Titan


Waves Of Titan 12"

Throne Of Blood

The sometime DFA-affiliated Pixelife, have a very subtle, jacking and psychedelic sound. "Waves Of Titan" sounds a bit like fellow Brooklynites Invisible Conga People mixed with some lost Chicago classic. The B-side, "DC To Daylight" starts with 707 clatter, eventually introducing some cosmic pads for an  amazing krauthouse conconction which works a lengthy, swinging jam into its epic 10-minute run. Druzzi of The Rapture takes the idea further, introducing some beautiful Kosmische piano waterfalls for his version of the track. On the A, Pittsburgh Track Authority? strips things down a bit, demonstrating their hardware house prowess.

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Life Recorder - Hope In The SoulLife Recorder

Hope In The Soul 12"

Soul Print

Inspired pairing of the French producer Life Recorder and Simoncino . Great source material. The title track is a deep, dubby Chicago track that works in just a bit of skewed Detroit sci-fi futurism. For fans of NicuriJoey Anderson, etc.  The Italian producer's remixes are a real treat. The "Spirit Mix" is all new age drift. The "pressure mix" sounds like a refracted Model 500 endurojam, and the morning mix explores the uplifting nature of the source material, sounding like Ron and Chez or Joe Smooth hands in the air house. Excellent and diverse DJ record, highly recommended.

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Hands & Feet 12"

Beats In Space

The Sweeney/Phillip Lauer love affair continues with the strongest record yet. The A-side, "Hands & Feet" works Lauer's melodic gift into an acidic form. The B, "Stigma," is the surprising one here, with nostalgic '80s chords fit for the end of The Breakfast Club. PL has reigned in his messier tendencies for straight ahead pop with house signifiers. There's a lot to love here.

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Mura Oka

Auftakt LP


Just as winter approaches (for those of you on the East Coast), Latency pops up with an album perfect for shorter days, colder nights. This is deep dub techno, a paradoxical mix of humanity and cold alienation, just like the uncanny valley figure on the cover. Mura Oka prefers the slow burn, nary an assault on the eardrums here. Rather, tracks like 990933 poke around the edges of the dancefloor, perfect for the beginning of the night or a subway car zone out . Later, on "Xqdel Eit" and elsewhere, some subtle IDM moves work themselves in, the latest portent of an impending revival.

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Ptaki - Kalina


Kalina 12"

Young Adults

Ok, if the record above is good for the onset of winter, here's one for the endless summer. Deeply musical edits and balearia from LA-based label Young Adults. Truly classy and relaxing. Opener "Warsaw," sounds a bit like the excellent intro from Todd Terje's "It's Album Time." "Foxy" is like Ron Hardy's "Love And Happiness" edit reimagined for an afternoon drink at a bar with red leather booths. "Kalina's" Kate Bush channeling slo mo house. Can't go wrong with that!

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GL - Love HexagonGL

Love Hexagon 12"

Plastic World

Nice modern boogie funk from Sydney imprint Plastic World (Tuff Sherm). "Won't You See"reaches for the stars, with diva vocals and nostalgic synths good for couples skate at the roller rink. "What Happened To Us" hits the same nostalgic sweet spot, an amateur version of a huge tearjerking '80s ballad. For fans of Nite Jewel's less polished material. Expect big things.

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Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Kowton)

Paul Woolford

Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remixes) 12"

Hotflush Recordings

The latest look at Woolford's massive 2006 jam, this time from the Bristol  Livity Sound man. He starts pretty faithful to the keyed-up original, but by the time that weird synth stab comes in, he flips it into a weighty, FWD style anthem. He turns the original's momentum in on itself until it's a dense, low-end banger. 

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