Watch a Blazing Performance by Tijuana Panthers at Amoeba Hollywood

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Tijuana Panthers

Despite flying under the mainstream radar for almost a decade, employing the DIY strategy so many do, the Tijuana Panthers are finally poised for a breakthrough. Much like their Innovative Leisure labelmates Hanni El Khatib, Nick Waterhouse, and the Allah-Las, the Tijuana Panthers have been crafting their own brand of alternative surf rock while tucked away in sunny Long Beach, California.

In 2010, the band self-released their debut, Max Baker, following it up with Semi Sweet (Innovative Leisure) in 2013. The latter is a lo-fi rock-pop record at times reminiscent of '50s era doo wop with puppy love themes. For their latest effort, Wayne Interest (Innovative Leisure), the Panthers teamed up with producer and Black Keys touring bassist, Richard Swift. The lo-fi production style is still very intact and guitarist Chad Wachtel's surf licks rock with authenticity. The band shows off their punker minimalism, while still delivering catchy melodies backed by echoey drums.

In support of Wayne Interest Tijuana Panthers recently treated fans to a special live in-store performance at Amoeba Hollywood. Excited faces filled the aisles of our main floor, anxiously waiting to have their eardrums beat down by a tidal wave of garage-surf-punk tunes. The Panthers did not disappoint as they delivered a stellar performance, blazing through songs from the new record, including their version of a Buzzcocks classic. No fancy costume changes, no stage props and no backup singers. Just good old fashioned rock & roll!  

Tijuana Panthers -  Sooner or Later / Everybody's Happy Nowadays (Live at Amoeba)
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Tijuana Panthers

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