New Video from Folk Legend Linda Perhacs at Amoeba Hollywood

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Linda Perhacs

While working as a dental hygienist in her early twenties, Linda Perhacs stumbled upon a music career. After client Leonard Roseman (who happened to be a film composer) convinced Linda to share some demos she recorded, the composer was motivated to sign Linda and produce an album. In 1970, Perhacs released her debut, Parallelograms, on Kapp Records. The album initially went unnoticed by music critics and failed to garner any attention due to the record label's reluctance to promote the album. Discouraged by the lack of results, Perhacs returned to her career as a hygienist and didn't look back. What happened next is a story for the ages.

Over the span of about three decades, hardcore folk collectors, music enthusiasts and rare vinyl junkies rediscovered Parallelograms and the album developed a cult following. Much like many other obscure records, the album found its way into the hands of hip hop producers and was subsequently sampled by one of music's most famous rappers, The Notorious B.I.G., Parallelograms became a thing of legend that left listeners questioning the whereabouts and story behind Linda Perhacs. Now regarded as a classic by folk aficionados and music critics alike, Parallelograms has been reissued twice (2005 and 2008) since its initial 1970 release date. Perhacs is now getting the attention she deserves and has a bonafide fanbase 44 years later. (Watch Sky Ferreira talk about Parallelograms in her What's In My Bag? episode.)

Perhacs, now in her 70s, recently released her sophomore album, the poetically entitled The Soul Of All Natural Things (Asthmatic Kitty). To support the new record, Perhacs and her band, including three vocalists with complementing harmonies, performed at Amoeba Hollywood. It's evident that Linda Perhacs is from an era in folk music that spawned many legends. There's something special in that voice and the calm energy she exudes. Watch her perform a classic from Parallelograms in the clip below:

Linda Perhacs - Chimicum Rain (Live At Amoeba)
Watch the full performance at

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