21 Records To Look For This Fall

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Aphex TwinSyro 

Out Sept. 23

The Internet pretty much exploded when Richard D. James announced Syro, and with good reason. It’s the ambient/electronic artist’s first album in 13 years, and from the sound of the glorious “minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]” (OMG vocals), it’ll have been worth the wait.

Pre-order Syro LP & CD.


Julian Casablancas + The Voids Tyranny 

Out Sept. 23

Will this be the project that lifts the post-Room on Fire curse from Julian Casablancas? Perhaps. The ambitious 11-minute noise-pop piece “Human Sadness” and newly revealed grimy rocker “Where No Eagles Fly” certainly make the case.

Pre-order Tyranny LPCD.


King Tuff - Black Moon Spell 

Out Sept. 23

L.A. power-pop dude returns with another set of fist-pumpers.

Pre-order Black Moon Spell LP & CD

King Tuff plays a free/all-ages show at Amoeba Hollywood on release day, Tuesday, 9/23 at 6pm. More info.


The GrowlersChinese Fountain 

Out Sept. 23

The SoCal garage band continues to mature on their Western-vibing third LP.

Pre-order Chinese Fountain LP & CD.


The DrumsEncyclopedia 

Out Sept. 23

Ironic this song is called “Magic Mountain”; The Drums’ giddy indie pop always makes us feel like we’re on top of a roller coaster.

Pre-order Encyclopedia LPCD.


Tweedy - Sukierae 

Out Sept. 23

It’s almost too cute that Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy started a band with his son, but “Summer Noon” is sweet and low-key, sounding like it might just be the thing he needed to reinvigorate his songwriting.

Pre-order Sukierae LPCD.


Prince Plectrum Electrum 

Prince Art Official Age 

Both out Sept. 30

Not one, but two new albums from the Purple One. Plectrum Electrum finds him working with proteges 3RDEYEGIRL, while Art Official Age is a solo release. Read more about them here.

Pre-order Plectrum Electrum CD.

Pre-order Art Official Age CD.





Electric Youth Innerworld 

Out Sept. 30

The Italo-disco-influenced synth pop duo, who rose to fame when their song “A Real Hero” (with College) was used in the movie Drive, comes back with another set of nocturnal anthems, including “Innocence.”

Pre-order Innerworld LP & CD.


IceagePlowing Into the Field of Love 

Out Oct. 7

The Danish hellraisers are back! In the place of the post-hardcore fury that made up their first two releases, “The Lord’s Favorite” recalls the cowpunk of The Gun Club with the same youthful desperation that made their first couple of albums such a thrill.

Pre-order Plowing In the Field of Love LP & CD.


Flying LotusYou're Dead! 

Out Oct. 7

The L.A. producer’s next LP is sure to be another head-trip of cyclonic beatwork, including “Never Catch Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Pre-order You're Dead! LP & CD.


Caribou - Our Love 

Out Oct. 7

By the sounds of of “Can’t Do” and “Our Love,” Dan Snaith is looking to have it both ways on his new album, channeling both the new house of his work in Daphni and the more psychedelic electro-pop he’s most released under his Manitoba/Caribou monikers. And that sounds pretty great to us, judging by these songs. 

Pre-order Our Love LP or CD.


Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End 

Out Oct. 7

Weezer want back in our hearts with their new album, summoning memories of their earlier work and working with collaborators like Best Coast.

Pre-order EWBAITE LP & CD.


Zola JesusTaiga

Out Oct. 7

Nika Roza Danilova steps further out from the shadows of the lo-fi/noise scene and into the pop spotlight on Taiga, albeit in her own idiosyncratic fashion. It's as though every breath and synth sound were constructed for maximum emotional impact.

Pre-order Taiga Marble Colored Vinyl & CD.


Foxygen - ...And Star Power 

Out Oct. 14

The classic pop revivalists overcome band turmoil to triumphantly release their third album.

Pre-order ...And Star Power LP & CD.


Stars No One Is Lost 

Out Oct. 14

Can you believe this is the Canadian band’s seventh album? It sounds like they’re still adding elements to their romantic electro-pop sound—the disco touches of “From the Night” match the roller rink and electric lights of the album cover, hinting that could carry over to the rest of the album.

Pre-order No One Is Lost LP & CD.


PharmakonBestial Burden 


Out Oct. 14

Pharmakon shocked, scared and fascinated us with her first album of industrial catharsis. The first taste of her new album, “Body Betrays Itself,” follows suit, and it’s one of the most affecting pieces of music we’ve heard all year. Not for the faint of heart.

Pre-order Bestial Burden Blood Red Vinyl & CD.


Bob Dylan The Basement Tapes Raw – The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 [Box Set]

Out Nov. 4

Once upon a time this guy named Bob Dylan and his Band holed up in upstate New York to record a bunch of songs they’d written plus traditionals and covers. Then those things came out in abridged form on The Basement Tapes. Now we’ve got the whole kit and caboodle, with every usable recording from the session included. Read more about it here.

Pre-order The Basement Tapes Raw  LPCD & Deluxe CD.




Dream PoliceHypnotized 

Out Nov. 11

A more psychedelic side project of two members of post-hardcore-cum-country-rockers The Men. This teaser has a real Spacemen 3 vibe to it. Count us in.

Pre-order Hypnotized LP & CD.


Cult of Youth Final Days 

Out Nov. 11

Brooklyn goth rockers Cult of Youth have a new one due, and the band calls it a “post-industrial Pet Sounds.” Excuse us while we calm down.

Pre-order Final Days LP & CD.


Ariel PinkPom Pom 

Out Nov. 18

Just this week, Ariel Pink announced his next album (sans his Haunted Graffiti) will be double-length, featuring spacey love jams like “Put Your Number in My Phone.” While “Put Your Number” sounds pretty clean and Pink’s vocals are at the front of the mix, it’s still has the same kind of oddball energy of one of his early lo-fi releases, showing he’s far from sold out.

Pre-order Pom Pom LP & CD.


See more upcoming releases here.

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