Homeboy Sandman's New Album "Hallways" Discussed By The MC and Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf

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Homeboy Sandman "Problems" (2014)


Following a slew of releases (five EPs and the full-length First of a Living Breed) for Stones Throw Records, to whom Homeboy Sandman signed in late 2011, this week the refreshingly unique and ever prolific Queens NY emcee released Hallways - his second full-length album for the LA based label founded by Peanut Butter Wolf. "An ode to the space between where you are and where you are headed; a space in flux, and a space where Sandman himself noticeably thrives," is how Stones Throw cryptically describe the collaboration heavy new twelve-track album. The various mic and production guests (eleven different producers over the dozen tracks) include J-Live, BluKurious, Oh No, the experimental artist Jozef Van Wissem, 2 Hungry Bros, Inspirimentalist, J57, and Jonwayne. The latter produced the new LP's excellent first single, "America, The Beautiful" while the other single/video is the Knxwledge produced "Problems" (see the just published Adam Tyree directed video above)

This week I caught up with the artist and asked him, on that topic, if more fame has meant more problems for him. "I don't really have any problems to be honest. I'm not sure I ever did," he said,  noting that his life is pretty good - one in which he gets to travel the world performing the music he writes. Despite all of the cities and countries he's visited over the past few years he seems true to his New York City hometown and name-checks NYC many times on the new album. So will he forever be a New York emcee or does he see himself ever living elsewhere, like in Los Angeles or somewhere?  "I don't see myself living in LA. I like it in New York. Maybe I'd go someplace else though - maybe someplace Caribbean. I don't know for how long though. I move around a lot even within the city. I don't know if I'll actually ever settle down any place," he replied.

Meanwhile the inspiration behind the stream-of-consciousness new album track
"America, the Beautiful" is pretty straightforward, he said. "I like it here. I'm grateful to be here." Homeboy Sandman also applies the word "beautiful" to the new album Hallways when asked what the overriding theme or goal was when making the new album. "I just wanted to make a beautiful album like I never made before. Whatever people get out of it, that's cool!" As for his approach to production and the many producers on the new album he noted that,  "I don't really choose producers. I choose beats [and] these beats spoke to me. They had stories in them for me to extract or were able to extract stories that were in me."

Witnessing all the quality releases Homeboy Sandman has unleashed in such a short period of time, and also knowing how busy he is with concerts etc., I wondered if he thinks he will keep up his prolific output in the foreseeable future. "I've got so much stuff in the can that even if I didn't write for five years I'd be able to keep up the output I established in the last five. So if five years is the foreseeable future I'd have to say yes," he replied noting that, "I'm writing a song right now and I intend to write more of it tomorrow and perhaps later tonight, so I'd say yes."

Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf is one of Homeboy Sandman's biggest fans and continues to be
impressed at witnessing firsthand how incredibly prolific and hard-working Homeboy Sandman is. "Sandman is carrying the classic hip hop torch in a new and refreshing way," Peanut Butter Wolf told the Amoeblog this week. "I don't know how he stays so prolific. He literally sent me like 50 songs for his new album and hardly any of the songs I thought were the best made his final cut at first or vice versa so we were gonna release 2 albums the same day (his picks and mine). After some thought, we decided to make it a combo of his picks and mine."


Available now from Amoeba Music Hallways comes in both CD and digital download and (coming soon - in the month ahead) vinyl format via an impressive two-LP/double record version to follow soon. It will feature gate-fold packaging - that includes lyrics - and two exclusive bonus tracks.

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